Rob Thielke (Vern Fonk guy) died weeks ago. Not over the past weekend.
Condolences to Dr. Sack's husband and family. Few people have influenced MY career more.…
Skywriting is deliberately infusing the atmosphere with vapors and carbon and contributes to global warming.

George Washington never visited this state either. Not to mention McKinley, a Republican who presided over a booming economy, was a victim of gun violence. Nevertheless, I actually like Denali better and am in favor of renaming Washington state to Cascadia.
HOW DARE OBAMA GOVERN AS HE SEES FIT? who does he think he is?

I'm sorry about your Aunt Betty, Christopher. I had a delightful Aunt Betty too.
@5: if you want a real laugh, go to some rightwing blog and see everyone foaming at the mouth about this until someone points out that Alaska changed the name back in 1975 and no less than Palin herself calls it Denali.
we have this big mountain here, named after a British admiral who never set foot in America...
@8: that's where I went immediately, too. TAHOMA, baby!.

I'd also like to change the name of the state to that while we're at it.
Tahoma Now!
@2 My mistake. I'll take him out of the list.
@6 Thanks, Phoebe. What was your aunt Betty like? My aunt Betty got me a subscription to The New Yorker when I was 14 or 15 and inadvertently pointed me toward a life of writing and publishing -- a course I would not have found on my own. I spent all day yesterday crying and I'm not done.

Odds are that Palin ain't going to be calling it Denali any longer.
@12: Far more relaxed and outgoing than her sister (my mother), I always welcomed being able to sleep over at her house. All of us did.
What a wonderful inspiration she was too you. God bless.
Miley already was a white boob.

That said, the Arctic Drilling that Pres Obama authorized will melt more glaciers than you can throw a bear at.
@12 - Sorry for your loss, she sounds like a inspiring woman. Be well.
Article calls out media--and specifically Dan Savage--for its anti-dog biases.

Pitbulls used to be considered the perfect ‘nanny dogs’ for children — until the media turned them into monsters…
Denali: ..wait, it hadn't already been renamed to Denali? wtf? All the climbers I know have been referring to it as Denali since the early 90s.... I thought it happened over 20 years ago. Crazy.

I'm down to change Ranier to Tahoma as well. I think Mt. St. Helens has at least two or three different names, depending on which indigenous group you talk to (Lawetlat'la or Louwala-Clough to the Cowlitz people, and Loowit to the Klikitat) so changing that might be a bit more difficult.
Alaska has been petitioning Congress to change the name to Denali for decades. Each time its been blocked by the Ohio delegation. You'd think the "states' rights" RW nutjobs would have demanded the name change a long time ago. Finally, it takes Obama to step in and take action, and of course, the RW nutjobs go crazy that he did so.

@1 Ever since they combined McChord w/ Ft Lewis and created JBLM, the traffic has been an utter nightmare. Before that, you never noticed anything. Afterwards, every time there's at least a slowdown. Any sort of disruption to traffic flow, an accident or whatever, it immediately creates a crawl. More lanes would help, but redesigning JBLM is the real solution.
@17 Thank you! I love pit bulls, and there are too many misconceptions about them. For starters, "pit bull" is a label based only on appearance. Several breeds and many mutts could be considered pitt bulls. No need to harm random dogs just because of how they look.
On behalf of all Ohio residents, please accept my apologies, Alaska. I'm so very sorry that we somehow elected these douchebags (all right, "somehow" means "intensive jerrymandering by yet more Ohio republican douchebags").
Er,... If you check, that should be "expanded to eight lanes" on I-5 near Lewis-McChord, not eight lanes added. (Already 4 or 6 lanes there at present; adding 2-4 more.)

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