In other words, we're all wasting time with Twitter and social media than ever before. This tweet sewer doesn't help our society at all (in same sex marriage or anything else), but it sure give folks a lot of fun!
"I'm someone who sees right-wing Christians as one of our society's biggest threats to progress".
The souls of millions of Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Atheists, insufficiently Muslim Muslims, ex-Muslims and not a few Gays, call bullshit on your cosseted privilege you leftist maggot.
Damn, Hillary supporter. Jump on the Bern-wagon, dude!
Well. A busy weekend for you Dan. You not heard of rest on Sunday?
And thanks stray person, for giving this exceedingly Boring woman some small spark. Now what? She going to trial and a lengthy prison sentence. She off the radar soon, anything.

You have anger issues. Seek help.
@2: Dude, that's practically a laundry list of people massacred by the Holy Inquisition and its modern relatives.
@7: Well, you'd think that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (current leader of ISIL) is a tad more troubling than Tony Perkins, head of Family Research Council, for gays in the middle east at least.

Just a tad.
@2. It's possible that when he mentioned threats to progress in "our society" he was only referring to the U.S. (I think it's reasonable to assume he's American). And if so, then he'd be right. Worldwide, at present, sure, it's a different story.
Ask me every think that ever no one know even thats women dont know
Well played, KD917. Well played.

@10, how drunk were you when you posted that? Even accounting for misspellings, I couldn't make any sense of that at all.
Cek twiter aja capek nulis.. Capek main2 dimainin
@2, Who do you think you're kidding, you hate all those people, too.

So how many queer American kids being bullied and how many queer American kids committing suicide would you trace back to the actions of Al-Baghdadi?
In addition to being charming, @2 has a surprising amount of difficulty understanding the contextual purpose served by the word "our" in that sentence.
@18 - I've found that an inability to understand and use language precisely is close to being a defining quality for wingnuts. I actually enjoy finding the exceptions, but they never seem to show up on Dan's blog.
@18. Good call. That's what I was talking about in my post @9.

@19. I first noticed it in the late-90s, and it's gotten exponentially worse since the 2000s. It's not just conservatives, either (though it seems more pronounced with them). As a rule, people just don't possess (or employ) critical thinking and readings skills any longer. They don't seem to want to put in the effort, and they don't think it's important to do so.

Moreover, I don't think they're focusing enough on teaching these skills in elementary schools (which is where it needs to start), if they're teaching it at all.

Watching the dumbing down of my country (and the fallout from it) over the past three decades has been a real horror show.

And just published today:…
"The letter played into leftwing/elitist prejudices about religious rubes—tons of misspellings, dripping with self-pity, the persecution routine/complex"

While I'll grant the misspellings, the self-pity and persecution routine/complex isn't so much a prejudice as it is an observation. The whole conservative mindset operates around victimhood and projection.
@21. Damn. Pretty much my thinking.

Honestly, I hate to say it, but I think a lot of this falls on the Boomers who took over college campuses in the 90s. Due to feelings of white guilt and a belief in fairness, open-mindedness, and multiculturalism (all good things when kept in perspective), they eschewed the classic liberal arts education ("it's all just dead, white men") instead of simply enhancing and adding to it, and embraced open admissions. This led to a critical loss of standards and support in all areas of higher education, but especially the humanities.

That was followed by Generation X, who believed (still believes) that computer technology is all society needs to be successful in anything. That was when the definition of "education" changed. Thus, everyone now considers a degree in a STEM field not only an "education," but the only degree that really matters. And nobody seems to care that most of the graduates in these fields can read or write well, including the graduates themselves (they may not even be aware of it).

I know that I'm generalizing. I also know that I've derailed yet another thread on SLOG. My apologies.
@12: as Sarah Palin says, "Speak American" ;-)

You still sound drunk, even in Malay, btw.
@23 Replace "Boomers" with "GenX", and "GenX" with "millennials" and you have it right.
Many of the right-wing Christian believers are no different than ISIS. They wish to hold us back, and just because they aren't cutting people's heads off doesn't mean they are any better.

You're absolutely right. Thank you for pointing out the equivalency. Christian conservatives who want to ban same-sex marriage in the U.S. are every bit as bad as ISIS members who slaughter children with car bombs, enslave and rape women, and behead journalists, an archaeologist and countless other people.
@26: you missed one: Christian conservatives who firebomb women's health providers.
hey seatackled! you forgot to add my name to sloggers with cats in their avatars.
@22 and having such empty, predictable, false lives, that they hate to see the freedom of others. Trying to control others rather than liberating themselves.
@26 - I believe it's oly fair to assume that the kimdavis917 blogger is aware of those substantive differences. A reasonable person might assume s/he means to point out a similarity in kind, not degree.
@25. Oh, I agree that the children of Boomers and older Gen Xers are no better, but they never had a chance.

But, I think you're letting Boomers off the hook too easily. They were the ones who entered the universities in droves in the mid- to late-80s and began systematically dismantling the Humanities. That can't be blamed on anyone else but them.
I'm sorry but whoever was manning this twitter account is an asshole. Deliberately spreading bogus information (especially about a real person, even a demonstrably bad person like the actual Kim Davis) is the behavior of a *fucking asshole*.
@31 Jade, and technology.
People can pick up a book. People can look into the literary history of their culture.
They don't see the value of it. Movies, Internet drivel. Doesn't take much mind power to absorb a lot of that, and that's where young people get their culture from.
FB, has got to be one of the biggest dumbing down creations ever.

Done! Welcome!
Seattleblue is now trolling the NYTimes:

sciguybm Seattle WA 3 minutes ago
The foundation of civilization are the codes of morality. The practice of homosexuality is immorality and abnormality. Making laws that normalize abnormality creates a degradation of the codes of civilization.
Whether she ascribes her convictions to the laws of her religion or not is unimportant: immorality and abnormality do not pretend to be moral or normal.
Ms Davis is correct. The abnormality of homosexual behavior is not the same as the nature of a union of man & woman. Period.
Only those who are homosexual will argue against that argument. The rest of you talk without any knowledge what-so-ever of what these people really are, inside & outside.
For those who are normal: these laws will make a victim of you and your children. Do not be fooled: this is deviancy forcing its way into victimizing your children..... it has NOTHING to do with religion; it has everything to do with decency and morality.

Science guy bowel movement?
that's the best interview I've read since Rose Parks penned the interview of a Birmingham jailer. That was Rose wasn't it?

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