Good for them. I think the district and Board puts the whole of the district in a terrible position with this resolution. It is heavy-handed (the whole "we'll come after you legally" section especially).

I'll be listening in particular to hear what Marty McLaren, a former teacher on the Board, will say and do.

Parents really and truly see the outcomes of the lack of support/workload of teachers in their schools. They see it and hear it every day when they take and pick up their kids. The Special Ed parents are especially upset (and rightly so). I think the district will be quite surprised at how the parents are going to rally around the teachers.

The Board is going to be discussing this around 6 pm on Channel 26.
I will take off work and stand with the teachers! They have been the only SPS employees holding the district together over the last 10 years.
A 21% increase in three years is reasonable? I know weed is legal but our teachers seriously need to put the pipe down and get back to teaching. Washington as a state is in the top ten most well paid teachers, and Seattle gets paid the most. You get paid very well for the fact that you get more vacation time than any other profession. You also get the best benefits. Stop complaining and get back to work.
Dling57, that's a complete lie. Washington is 22nd in teacher salaries, according to National Center for Education Statistics data.

And, the Seattle Times reported in May that Seattle teacher salaries are third highest among the state's 20 largest school districts.

Next time you think about posting, instead of making things up, take five minutes to Google the data instead.
@3, they've gone 6 years without an increase while the cost of living in Seattle has gone through the roof. How do you expect good, talented teachers to stay when it costs more to live and the district wants their work days to go even longer?

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