Ha ha. Salary unknown-$40,000s. So they don't know how much they make? It is in the $40,000's? My first job out of college was in the 30's and I worked 12 months a year. 40's for 9 months isn't that bad. Not to mention that the teachers with ten years of experience and degrees are being paid in the 80's. I'm not sympathetic.
I really like these profiles. And I support the teachers. But I don't think it is accurate to report their earnings without referencing the fact that they get a defined benefit pension, which vests relatively early in your career. These profiles should acknowledge that.
Nearly all of their claims grossly underreport earnings because they simply ignore the value of their benefits, which can be 20% or more of compensation. They comp claims made by union supporters have often been misleading.
historical context - apparently the school day was previously shortened to save money (i.e.taken out of teacher pay) and now they want to get the time back free of charge.
It is not inaccurate to answer "how much do you make?" or "what is your salary?" with your salary. You don't need to go into your complex benefits package right there on the picket line.

It's also reasonable to not have your EXACT salary memorized and to choose to say "in the $40,000s" so that you don't accidentally quote a slightly too-high or too-low number and get lambasted by people like 1 and 2.
Sorry to be uninformed, but if we want to join the teachers on the picket line, is there a central location, or are they picketing at each individual school?

I'm on board with the teachers, mostly for the issues regarding testing and recess. I feel so lucky to have gone to school back in the dark ages, when we got TONS of recess time. I can't imagine how you can deal with little kids in a classroom all day with only 15-20 minutes for physical activity. It's bad enough for grown-ups; kids just aren't meant to sit and concentrate for that long.
A filthy bunch of illegal strikers.
What role models.
This is a challenging topic for me. On the one hand, education is easily in my top three priorities and I will support every increase to funding possible. Education is how societies improve over time. How else can we make progress?

On the other hand... fuck these teachers. Why are they whining when they make $40k/year and get the summers off? That's enough money for a good life if you are truly passionate about education. If you are money motivated and want to live in fancy neighborhoods and drive new cars, then you chose the wrong profession.

I'll vote for more funding and we should definitely pay you more, but this strike makes you look like an asshole. I have a lot more compassion for people in the service industry who don't get to go on strike when their boss changes their shifts to shittier hours.

And your off-hours unpaid work grading papers? Fucking please. That's a first world problem if I ever heard one. Oh, how exploited you must feel wiping the sweat from your brow each night. It must take three months of vacation each year just to recover.
Buses, goddammit, not busses! Buses!

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