a 14% raise isn't enough? Now who is serious?
Here's the thing - neither the district OR the union will put out a true and real accounting of "us versus them " on the money.
What are the real facts on the COLAs, raises and how teachers get paid (because not all teachers are in the same salary brackets). This is public money and we should get to know.

That Knapp doesn't say how much the district was off (they say SEA's ask is $172M and he says that is "fantasy"). Okay, what is reality?

The district put out a sheet about what they have been offering but never acknowledged they never started anywhere near where the SEA was. So it makes the district look good as they have steadily gone up.

The district also says they have to have a reserve (true under Board policy). However, the minimum is nowhere near what they actually have ($22M) plus the district took $39M from the Capital budget to put in the General Fund for this school year without fully explaining where it would all go.

When both sides play games on the money issues, it does not make the public feel like there are professionals on both sides.

At the end of the day, it is NOT all about money for teachers. It has been about recess (thank you teachers) race and equity (thank you teachers) and testing (still to be decided).
Property tax is the right way to fund education -- and transportation.

Remove the cap on Property tax rises.

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