Would be nice if SEA would give us official word on what the fuck is in the contract.
Union - it's what's for dinner.
Strike Score

Teachers' Professional Reputation: 0
Sclerotic Education Bureaucracy: 100

And the real loser is... Another Generation of American Kids!
@3: WTF are you on about? If the teachers got the guaranteed recess they were after, they look fantastic, and our kids will be far better off.

That's just what you get when a racist troll tries to discuss something other than how much he hates black people.
The actual numbers of the raise are a bit different than what is reported. Year1: 3% +3% state COLA, Year2: 2% +1.8% state one-time COLA...these are correct. Year 3 is interesting: 4.5% +no state COLA. We will be extending the school day for students by 20 minutes, and the .5% pays for 10 more weekly minutes of student time. But there will be additional raises for the longer day as well; secondary teachers get 2.86% for one hour of collaboration time and .63% for tech pay. So, year three really sees a big jump for Secondary (which puts us in line with Elementary teachers who already get this money, but now get that time as part of the school day and not AFTER it). So, the raises ARE a step up from previous contracts and the last district offer. When added to the MAJOR wins of decoupling test scores from teacher evals, recess time, and reducing overall testing, educators got a big win here and changed the discourse quite a bit.

Presumably they want their members' to review the terms before that happens. Also, why put the onus on SEA to reveal details, when SPS is just as capable of doing so as well.

On second thought, given SPS's general level of (in)competency, perhaps I've answered my own question...
You can look at this in a few ways. A new teacher doesn't deserve as much because they are new and inexperienced. A veteran teacher obviously deserves more. A excelling veteran teacher deserves the most because they are the best. Our Union dominated teaching system does not work this way. It is a failed system designed to make more money for itself, and not help children. This is absolute BS that they are selling.

new hires are making $51,000, teachers who worked for ten years are making $76,000 and long-term teachers are earning $99,000.00 per year. This is crazy! How are they not earning enough with $76,000 after ten years? Imagine a husband and wife teaching team taking home $152,000 a year. They could buy a house in Madison at that rate. Is that what the COLA is for? Is our goal to get all the teachers moving to Medina in twenty years?

A decent win for teachers paychecks.

So -- tell us -- how does our country that spends far more than other developed nations on primary & secondary education, lift itself from the bucket of shittiness that has been the publication education racket of the past 40 years?

Nice work unions and Bureaus of the State!

Sorry kids.
If the deal isn't that great (hopefully with emphasis on cutting testing as much as legally possible), I hope the membership could vote to reject it but keep teaching for a week while negotiations continue before returning to the picket lines, with that deadline clearly and publicly stated as hanging over the district negotiators' heads.

Having the kid out of school is of little consequence for my family, but for many parents I'd bet having the schools shut down again after two days would test their loyalty to the teachers. Since they've proven they're willing to strike, I'd think they could use that as a credible threat against the district in continuing negotiations as a bomb they're able to throw, but just haven't quite yet.
#8, stop pulling numbers out of your ass. Links teachers' salaries schedules have been posted everywhere for all to see during this strike, so no one who can read and has a functioning brain believes your shit. Go away, or go run for Prez with the 16 fools, you'd fit right in there with your fact-free hate rants.
Dear Stranger, pls go back to allowing unregistered comments, then we don't have to ever see what the trolls spew.
I'd like to apologize to all the non-trolls readers/commentors for ranting, apparently I'm triggered by morons who sling fake numbers to get their hate on. Why does Slog get so many hate trolls these days? There are a bunch on NYT and other non-conservative sites also. I don't get it. Where do these people find the time to hang here on top of watching Faux News? Don't they have to work; spend time with family, other foaming haters, Kim Davis, sex dolls?
#7 - It is an unfair labor practice for the employer to share the terms of the tentative agreement before the union has shared it with their members. The union gets to determine what is shared and when, until after ratification.

One of the biggest problems with this bargaining process is the number of people commenting and drawing conclusions on how things went during bargaining, when they have no understanding of 1)how to negotiate a contract this big and 2) labor law.

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