January 28 -- A commenter on this blog posts Whitlatch's home address.

Yanno what, I agree with you completely that posting her address was every kind of tacky, disturbing and wrong. (Whether it was also illegal, I don't know. The true threat doctrine has a lot of elements, and I don't have a screen capture of the post in question.)

But my point is, so fucking what if some asshole behaved badly on Slog. The fact that you think that mitigates the shabby, substandard, unprofessional, downright piss-poor conduct of Whitlatch, Davis, and Metz in any way at all just goes to show how confused and out of touch you lot are about what your job is and what the community you serve expects from you.
As a white man about the same age as Mr. Wingate, I know an incident such as this would not, could not happen to me. But that comforts me not at all.
@2 -- Whoa there, pocket lawyer. You have no idea who I am, what I do, or what I think about the subject.

Look at you, at the ready with your pitchforks and torches, looking for monsters to burn.
The disturbing element about this case is that O'Toole knew about this irresponsible arrest as early as September of last year, but was content to let the unaccountable status quo of the SPD go on as per usual and it was only the national embarrassment of this incident that got her to act on punishing Whitlatch. If it wasn't for Ansel getting the cam footage (great job) and breaking the news of the arrest which went viral nationwide, that racist cop would still be on the force screwing people over, particularly dark skinned ones.

Who you are: behold my utter poverty of giveable fucks

What you do: deploy phrases like "reasonable threat" without apparent irony

What you think about the subject: that some fool posting Whitlatch's address somehow invalidates others' criticism of her bad behavior

Black people are not a cudgel with which to bludgeon people who take exception with the way you express your opinions on the internet.
Ansel, just want to express my deep appreciation of your coverage of this issue. I've been among the most vocal of the few remaining long-time Sloggers about the sad decline here, but on this issue you've been a great example of what the Stranger/Slog used to be. Great job.
@4 That's why your post is worthless and there's no point being made. Your OP is a non-sequitor that has nothing to do with anything. It's up to you to explain why anyone should care a flying fuck about what someone did on slog months ago. But you don't.
@9 -- You should care because posting her home address was wrong, regardless of her bad behavior. If the police officers who watched Whitlatch harass that poor man were guilty when they didn't say anything, then we're also guilty when we witness or participate in immorality and don't say anything.

I'm sorry to dampen the spirits of this celebratory lap.
@10 Sloggers don't swear an oath of honor before joining slog
@8: Thanks. Please stick around and keep commenting. Heidi and Sydney are incredibly talented.
Seconding @8. The work on police accountability at The Stranger has been outstanding, and I'm fairly confident this dangerous woman would still be in uniform without it. You (and Dominic before you) deserve significant praise for it.
14 pages of print on a lesbian cop arresting a guy with a golf club, and nothing on the dozen men killed in the CD and South End this summer.
@14: Not true.…

I'm working on a follow-up, too.
More Stranger nonsense. Glad Whitlatch is gone, but the black on black violence is so bad that Richard Sherman is talking about losing his best friend to it. Liberal logic is strange: somehow the NRA is responsible for Mexi cartel and black gang violence, yet these same anti-gun folks also want to arm "rebels" who seem pretty quick to turn jihadist the following year. God forbid we actually thank the cops who keep their chin up and do the job in this hostile environment, or support the right of law-abiding citizens (eek some are conservatives) to possess firearms while idiots on youtube clamor for a race war.
Seattle continues to be held hostage by its PROVEN CORRUPT POLICE department and their union. They are the new MAFIA. When human FILTH gets a badge Everyone Pays. And boy is Seattle paying dearly.
Cops lie to the citizens on the street, they lie on the forms they fill out after making arrests, they lie to judges in court, they lie to the press, they hire a lying union spokesman to lie to all of us — all for the sake of protecting their own asses at the expense of serving justice. And the fucking liars wonder why we don't respect their authoritah.
Gallons of ink spilled on Whitlatch, and still we're no closer to knowing why a 69 year old man felt so much entitlement that he failed to put down a weapon when asked politely by a police officer.
@16: I don't need or expect to be thanked for doing my job. I expect to be compensated in the manner in which my employer and I agreed.

Median monetary compensation for police officers in Seattle is more than $100,000 per year. Is that not enough without a bunch of ass-kissing on top of it?
I just want to know which police department or security hires her next, if that's the case; past cases suggest to me that some small, white, town are going to find room in their budget for an officer with a very particular set of skills.
Charles Bukowski: "when [a cop] puts that uniform on he is the paid protector of things of the present time. he is here to see that things stay the way they are. if you like the way things are, then all cops are good cops. if you don’t like the way things are, then all cops are bad cops."...Whitlatch and her enablers ensure that there will be many more Fergusons to come.
It'e publically available @ 531 SW 181st StNormandy Park, WA 98166-3751

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