so it's not okay to spell out "n---a" but it's okay to spell out "b----".

okay then.
Don't expect anything out of Ed Murray, he's too busy working on becoming the country's first gay governor to do anything that might be seen as controversial.
It's amazing that a labor group that is so utterly tone deaf has amassed so much political pull. Why do elected officials in Seattle fall all over themselves to avoid upsetting these people? It seems like the smart political play would be to go to war with them.
5 the paranoid rhetoric of every Union I've been in

Except, these guys can get away with killing you.
@4 I find it inexplicable that Seattle's political class seems inclined to take guff from an organization that has no local constituency. Fewer than 20% of SPD officers live in the city! If the Mayor wanted to take the hammer to the SPD unions and extract concessions on use of force and civilian oversight, the unions would have no constituency to appeal to.
@3. FTW.
On the plus side, any time a partisan news paper says "This is the Time for Unity!" you pretty much know that unity has already been lost and they are getting desperate.
I think the fear factor can be attributed at least in part to "de-policing".
This may make me sound like a totally ignorant commie libtard, but what does the SPD actually do for us that a competent crossing guard can't accomplish. I, as well as several friends, have been victims of various types of property crime in Seattle over the years. I was mugged and hit with a shotgun butt in DC, back in 2000. Cops have never done anything to help keep me/us safe or catch and punish the bad guys. When I stop to think about it, I'm not sure they really protect people from violent crime. They're just overpaid, undereducated bullies and whiners. Fuck 'em!
@11 amen. The last people I'd call for protection are the cops.
It should be a top legislative priority for the City to get Olympia to allow us to require that police officers live within the City limits. Then put together a City program that helps them buy homes. It's crazy that we have an occupational force coming in from Puyallup and Arlington that view us as urban animals, when we are the ones who pay their salaries.
@13: Absolutely not. They make enough to buy a house, we don't need to give them any more handouts.

I belong to a fairly conservative union and if our publication was printing trash like this there would be hell to pay from the rank and file, and you can bet your ass the mainstream news would be full of what pieces of crap we were, along with a slew of union bashing. Funny how it doesn't go that way when dealing with these pieces of shit and the garbage Seattle Times.

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