News Sep 23, 2015 at 4:00 am

Well, It's Illegal If You're Under 21, and Your School Probably Doesn't Allow It on Campus...

Do not drive while stoned. Please.


kids, just don't smoke before or during class, and you probably will be able to remember things.

"Hey hip weed smoking college students, here's our cool pot-smoking advice: don't drive high and wait until you're older" This might not be the kind of message the kids are looking for.
Another tip: Do your lungs a favor and get a vaporizer. Then make butter with the vaporized leftovers.
Your loan company uses a Hotmail account? Yeah....
Gosh Seattle is the worst! Never been in a city where the people have such little common sense when voting. Smh
Believing there's such a thing as "common sense" smh

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