Seawall construction over budget and delayed. Fist Hill light rail route, delayed, still being tested after major rookie mistakes on the construction of the street cars. Gigabit Internet Seattle project, dead the moment it was proposed. People killed or assaulted by the SPD? You phoned it in almost every time they had to hold a press conference about it. Occupy Seattle? Endorsing them turned out to be a huge mistake.

Why the hell would anyone take you seriously after repeated mistakes made during your term in office?

@1 you're an idiot.
@2 you're an idiot.
Hey, I'm an idiot too!
JonnoN is the best! Best Superbest!
Chang choo ding a long ling ling caboom cabash doggone Best!
@1 @2 What the fuck is wrong with you people? Are you so dense you can't even address the actual issues discussed in the editorial. Go watch some Fox News and yell at the TV some more.
Re: crime-- someone in this city needs to get it under control. I'm not sure what happened but it was like the whole damn force went on vacation.
He's only slightly more relevant than Sarah Palin: at least he finished his one term before being voted out of office by Seattle voters. Please pay particular attention to that last part: he was voted out of office.
Whatever Mike McGinn's faults were as mayor, his support for Career Bridge isn't one of them. I know other people who support it for the same reasons he does. In this time of *relatively* flush city budgets, there's no valid reason to not fund this program.
@5 duh. Go jump off a tall bridge.

Thank you @8.
consider it done ;)
Typical Seattle hug-a-thug nonsense.
Can you imagine a city run by college sophomores? Here it is.
I'll take McGuinn over the
Establishment tool we have for mayor now. His failure in office isn't cause to dismiss this policy.
Fuck, the level of ignorance here is beyond sad.

Seattle really screwed the pooch when it opted for Murray over McGinn. This is just one example.

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