If they were so concerned about Grant's fitness as a leader they would have ran this in the primary, or shortly after he made it through. As close as it is to the ballots being sent out means they think their case is weak, but that they can sow some confusion for long enough to swing a couple points and get Burgess re-elected. Also registering so late means there may be a delay in finding out who is funding it. I wonder how much the newly infamous Carl Haglund will give.

This is entirely different than the groups set up to support specific candidates. A group of this kind is set up for one purpose, to degrade the campaign, to sling mud and hope some sticks. This is pretty dirty business, and something Burgess claimed to be against just last week. We will have to wait to see if he will denounce the group and their activities, or give us some b.s. "I have no control over it, but they raise some interesting points."
Burgess Inc. saw Grant as the one with the most negative liabilities and the most politically inexperienced and thus easiest to beat in the General, and was allowed to skate through the Primary on that basis as a strategic move. It will be interesting to see if there is a "there there", as people don't pony up 200k unless there is at least smoke. The negative back and forth that this will evolve into will benefit Burgess, sadly, and he knows it.
Sure be nice to see Grant start talking about the police contract. With Burgess, it's likely SPOG will continue to enjoy its blue-only discipline panel. There has never been a better time to renegotiate the fundamentals of the Police<>City agreement. Grant is running against a former cop. Perfect optics for channeling change.

Got to it.

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