Shells not coming back to Seattle after its failed Arctic mission.
Shell's not coming back to Seattle after its failed Arctic mission. HG

Shell's Arctic Fleet Isn't Coming Back to Seattle: Last month, Shell made the surprising announcement that the company would be ending its multi-billion dollar quest to hunt for offshore oil in the Alaskan Arctic. Still, it's another surprise entirely that the Arctic drilling rigs returning from Alaska will now dock in Everett and Port Angeles instead of Seattle, according to KUOW. All legal challenges to Shell's presence at the Port of Seattle had been cleared and shipping company Foss Maritime still holds a two-year lease originally intended to host Shell at the port's Terminal 5. So is Shell still going to pay the rent?

Council Candidate Jon Grant Says a Developer Tried to Shake Him Down: Grant, the former director of the Tenants Union, says that an executive at Triad Partners approached him at a campaign event over the weekend and tried to cut a shady deal to enlist Grant's help in settling a Tenants Union lawsuit against Triad. "Grant says he was told the payoff could be that a new political committee gearing up to spend heavily against him would go away," Daniel Beekman at the Seattle Times reports.

The Shakedown Also Attempted to Rope in Former Mayor Mike McGinn: Triad senior vice president Brett Allen tried getting McGinn to talk to Grant. "Just in case I wasn’t clear yesterday: any deal would be contingent on the 200k IE going away," a Sunday text from Allen to McGinn read. "Please tell him that we’re sincere in our desire to get this resolved before any major damage done. We need him to show leadership. As an alternative, Grant could simply instruct his attorney … to accept our offer on the table (or make a counter offer). Deadline is Monday @ noon — after which certain bad things can’t be undone. Thanks again for your efforts to try to help us both! And Go Hawks!"

The Stranger Election Control Board's Endorsements for the November Races Go Online Tonight: Tonight! Tonight! Check out who we endorsed in the August primary. P.S. Trying to blackmail the Stranger Election Control Board would be a waste of time. We've definitely done whatever you think we're guilty of and we are not sorry. Now get us our lawyer!

The Seattle city council voted to acknowledge trauma stemming from the federal governments American Indian boarding school policy after Indigenous Peoples Day festivities at City Hall.
The Seattle city council voted to acknowledge trauma stemming from the federal government's American Indian boarding school policy after Indigenous Peoples' Day festivities at City Hall. Alex Garland

The Seattle City Council Wants the Federal Government to Examine Its Human Rights Record: All nine council members voted on Monday to acknowledge the harms perpetrated by the US government's American Indian boarding school policy. The Seattle resolution urges congress and the White House to start a reconciliation process for survivors of the policy that institutionalized an estimated 100,000 Native American children in order to strip them of indigenous languages, cultures, and religions.

State Gets Sued Over Treatment of Medically Fragile Babies from Low-Income Families: The Northwest Justice Project alleges that the state health authority has failed to staff enough nurses to provide 16 hours per day of care to medically fragile children in their homes. The lawsuit claims that inadequate staffing of the Medicaid program has forced children into institutional care, away from their families.

Two Semi-Truck Crashes Are Blocking Traffic on I-5: One semi-truck hit a guardrail on northbound I-5 near Corson Street at 4:30 a.m.; another semi carrying pears near Federal Way rolled over at 6:40 a.m. Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Webb told the Seattle Times that the driver in the Seattle crash had minor injuries.

The fuel of the future? (This is not what processed animal byproducts look like, but you get it.)
The fuel of the future? (This is not what processed animal byproducts look like, but you get it.) Joe Gough/Shutterstock

The Aviation Industry Is Studying How to Make Jet Fuel Out of Animal Fat and More: KPLU reports that Washington State University and MIT researchers will give an update on "green diesel" to aviation industry leaders this week.

WSDOT Thinks It Has Figured Out Why the Battery Street Tunnel's Sprinkler System Keeps Malfunctioning: A WSDOT consultant thinks recalibrating the tunnel's mercury switches will solve the problem. "The problems with the sprinkler system would be history if the boring machine named Bertha wouldn't have gotten stuck," KING 5 also notes. "It's delayed a new tunnel, prolonging the life of the Battery Street tunnel and its components."

The Democrats' First Presidential Debate Is Tonight: CNN just released the candidates' podium order based on poll numbers. "Should Vice President Biden decide to enter the race and take part in the debate, there would be a podium placed on the stage for him as well," CNN reports.