Yet more proof that we are not taxing the wealthy nearly enough.
John Goodman isn't just donating to Burgess and anti-Grant I.E's. He has also donated to arguably the more conservative candidates in each district. Goodman Real Estate is really behind Rob Johnson's campaign in district 4.

Over 4000 dollars in individual contributions from households of John Goodman Real Estate Executives and that company had the fourth highest donations to his campaign compared to all companies (not including unemployed).

Developers need to be held accountable in this affordability crisis that Seattle is facing and electing the candidates that John Goodman is bank rolling is probably not the best way to accomplish that.
Throw away all the money you want, it just helps us identify the bad guys. You could be throwing your money at the problem though and that would have a much greater impact.
@4, what developers consider the problem and what renters consider the problem are miles apart.
Summary of what voters need to know:

John Goodman Donations 2015:
Braddock: $700
Banks: $1200 ($500 refunded)
Johnson: $700
Burgess: $700
[Godden: $700]
CASE (Chamber PAC): $5,000

Extra "more of what voters need to know":
Christian Sinderman “Slate” (‘Northwest Passage’ City Council Candidate Clients 2015):
Shannon Braddock D1
Bruce Harrell D2
Pamela Banks D3
Rob Johnson D4
Sandy Brown D5
Sally Bagshaw D7
Tim Burgess P8
M. Lorena González P9

And while we are busy pointing fingers about who contributes to whom, why not look close at the largest money earner, Sawant? And are you certain all of Grants contributors are morally upstanding individuals? One can look at their union endorsements for a start. SEIU has more than caused a number of raised eye brows on their less than sterling reputation. Of course Triad targeted Grant. It wouldn't matter who Grant ran against. His law suit, the Tenants Unions law suit, is costing Triad money. And when the court found in favor of Triad, the appeal has only cost Triad more money. Grant is only defending his legacy as the director at the TU.

I need an at large candidate to represent more interests than the one note interest that Grant represents. If Grant wants to focus on the substandard housing in central and south east Seattle and preserve affordability in these areas, he should have run against Harrell. But Grant isn't representing the whole city based on his agenda. He is interested in using his anticipated council position as an adjunct arm of the TU. No thank you.
@7 you can also search contribution by employer and find even more John Goodman Real Estate donors. Also John Goodman Real Estate kicked in 5000 to that pac along with another 5k from the CEO.

The money trail helps Stranger and Seattlish and Publicola readers identify them. The 80% of the electorate who only reads the Seattle Times or watches TV news has no idea, only notices the ads saying Burgess is a nice guy you'd like to have a beer with, and votes accordingly.

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