Leaping to conclusions not based on facts is never constructive.
Dude, this is like an episode of X-Files.
they kill and torture people, but they do not "steal desktops"! copy, and keylog of course, but not steal, that would be too ..maladroit.

Therefore, you deny that God exists, right?
Meanwhile, Salvadorian gangs commit atrocities on U.S. soil, and the Seattle Lefties keep pleading their case to stay in the country.

At least the CIA salutes our flag.
@5 - At least the Devil quotes the Bible.
Hey, the CIA has been busy supporting the "rebels" in Syria and elsewhere at the behest of your hero, President Obama. Careful with your devil comments!
They had sensitive data, the loss of which could put lives at risk, and they knew this. The data was not encrypted why??? If anyone gets killed because of this, the researcher(s) should be charged with involuntary manslaughter.
@5,7 it always amazes me that people like you go out of your way to prove how incredibly fucking stupid you are.
@1: It's the sort of shit our government does, why is it "leaping to conclusions" to suspect their involvement?
It wasn't the CIA. They would have just copied the hard drive, not stolen the whole computer.
If it was the CIA, I think they would have stolen a lot of stuff including other computers to make it clear that this particular one wasn't targeted.
For those thinking that the CIA is "too smart" for this, remember how frequently they've failed in so many other projects. Don't confuse the "Cash In Advance" boys, who spend millions on private planes to fly nobodies around the world to be tortured, with the NSC, the ones who are monitoring your emails and texts.
Fun fact: CIA Director John Brennan was actually at the UW last Friday giving a talk to a couple of classes in the law school.
You mean
Yeah, cuz the CIA would NEVER act in collusion with those types of people!!
(except in Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Iran, Indonesia, Congo, Angola, Greece, Vietnam, Cambodia...)
If the CIA wanted to shut this all down, they'd be more clever than to send someone in to steal a hard drive. That seems awfully... beneath them.
The truth is out there...
the most surprising bit about all of this is the fact that the cia can be sued.

I am glad some of the commenters here are at least familiar with our recent and not too recent history.
Just because your paranoid doesn't mean their not out to get ya. B&E is exactly something the CIA would do. First, it's not what you know (or suspect), but what you can prove. Second, it is disruptive, and psychologically impactful on those with strong risk aversion causing some to shy away. Third, discussing it openly is the first step toward discrediting and dismissing as just another conspiracy. False flags and misdirection are the foundation of counter intelligence.

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