It is going to take a shitton of infrastructure to turn N 130th and the area around it that is within walking distance into an Urban Village/TOD development.
The city might want to reconsider linkage fees.
We need more housing in central neighborhoods; it's as simple as that. Set up the incentives and regulations in a way that results in developers overbuilding. Maybe give single family homeowners a property tax break (instead of the opposite) for building a mother-in-law and renting it. A little bit of vacancy in the housing market will do a whole lot more to stall prices than rent control (which has a final result of slowing building of new units...and making more people live in the 'burbs) or requiring affordable units in new developments (though the latter may be needed in the short term to get through this period of housing shortage).
I am so on board with this letter and sentiment.

Fantastic letter, fantastic effort. Seattle for everyone indeed.

City council. Get it done!
What the HALA recommendations do not do is build enough low-income housing to meet the need. That is a job for the public sector to accomplish. Perhaps I missed it but I've not seen any proposals for how that is going to happen.
A smart, accurate assessment of the politics. I don't know if you were on the election endorsements board, but this is exactly why your endorsement of Jon Grant is such a terrible choice. He's made abundantly clear he cares more about pissing on developers than affordable housing. He'll do whatever he can to destroy the only alliance that can defeat the NIMBYs because he hates developers more than he wants affordable housing to be built.
@6, it's interesting that around election time, new commenters show up on Slog and then after election we don't hear from them again. I'm guessing that you're in that group, especially since you appeared solely to make a nasty personal crack about Grant.
@7: You've obviously got nothing substantive to say, since you resort immediately to such an insinuation. This is a poor strategy under the best of circumstances, but it's a particularly poor choice in this case. A simple click on my name will demonstrate an extensive commenting history going back a couple of years.
Oh, yes, the Seattle way of nice-nice triumphs once again. Let's all make happy talk together, while rents continue to skyrocket and neighborhoods are bulldozed by giant unaffordable monoliths. HALA will fix that, you bet. Now move along, kids, nothing to see here....

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