A full 12 minutes have passed and I can't remember any of that.
Like the "12th Man". Get it? Careful about those 1-yard passes.
Pushing Burgess to the left? Well that'll last about 10 minutes.

Ya lost but you didn't accomplish a thing with Burgess
Jon got a good result for a young unknown running at large against the Council President. Having said that, he should have conceded earlier. I think the whole moving Burgess left thing is just in his mind. I can't remember anyone winning from the center or right. Seattle candidates are pretty much all left-center.
Jon Grant ran an amazing campaign. Hopefully he'll have another go at taking him out when Burgess is up for election in two years. Public campaign finance will make a big difference in fighting the tidal wave of corporate campaign money, and even more people will be sick of Burgess by then. Meanwhile, Jon Grant will doubtless continue to lead on a variety of housing justice issues where he's recently made a huge dent in the status quo including the Tenant Union's opposition to SHA's notorious 400% rent hike proposal, confronting notorious slumlord Carl Haglund and demanding citizen oversight of SPD.

You think Kshama's a centrist? I suppose I could see how you might think so, if you were an anarchist. Anyone else is likely to put her Left of center-left.

Jon (and Michael) should try again in two years, this time running as Socialists. The Democratic Party in Seattle isn't going to put it's full support behind any radical candidate, since most of their funding comes from the very groups Jon has spent his entire adult life working against. Socialist Alternative marshaled impressive support for their candidate, getting more donors (and more dollars) for her than any City Council candidate in the history of Seattle. Their ground team was highly professional and dedicated, and they punched far above their weight. They took down a candidate who enjoyed support from both the GOP and the Democratic Party, received the full financial backing of Seattle's wealthiest residents and corporations, and was able to draw support from Equal Rights Washington in the gay district of Seattle (in spite of never having proposed to help the GLBT community in any way).

Socialist Alternative is now a credible force in Seattle politics, and radical politicians should look to them a s a vehicle to power, not to the Democrats

our campaign had the privilege of being the de facto 10th City Council Member in 2015

This self-important cartoonish pomposity just feeds the Grant as Dwight Schrute image in my head. FACT!
Dear God. Jon Grant, Tim Burgess is a progressive. You succeeded in participating in a campaign as a candidate. Yay for you. However, there are no participation trophies in politics. Maybe ask your parents for one, the same way they made you a homeowner.

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