Huh, that was unexpected. Now Herbold needs nearly 51% of the remaining ballots. If I have to guess I'd say she gets it, but she's now a slight favorite at best.
Wake me when the paint is dry.
Has anyone done a welfare check on Weatbrook's true believers? A lot of them were in such a bubble they thought they were going to send that Bolshevik O'Brien back to Russia where he came from. That, combined with their advanced age and isolation suggests self-harm and neglect could be a likely cause of... a less boring race?
Or at the very least stop by to check to see that Weatbrook's votes have food for their 19 cats.
I like cats.
Many older people with cats voted for O'Brien. Anyone with even a fragment left of their brain would have voted for O'Brien. Thank god that included most of Ballard.
I voted for O'Brien and am from "advanced age" set.

Don't have cats though.

All this does prove the importance of voting.

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