News Nov 18, 2015 at 4:00 am

What Happens When You Combine Two of This City's Favorite Things

Dank nugs and dark roasts, now in a less anxiety producing format.


This City also loves housing and driving in cars, but somehow motor homes aren't so popular.
I'm guessing whoever coined that moniker is too young to know that a speedball is traditionally a combination of Heroin and Cocaine. Its also what killed John Belushi. If your to young to know who he is, look him up.
I've been doing this for a long time. My pre-show anti-anxiety regimen involves drinking a coffee with a shot of baileys in it, then smoking a tiny joint.

If Trudeau pushes through legalization and edibles are finally easy to acquire here in Canada, I will be first in line for this product!
@2 Lighten up Francis...
Juju Joints? Really? Huffing PG is passe now.
Have to agree that the term "speedball" is a total turnoff for me - since I enjoy my coffee buzz, maybe something like "weedbuzz" or "buzzweed" would be better, or even "javaganga". Can't really see co-opting a term that has killed so many....
love the name, always have. turning a negative into a positive, and turns me dominant at yard work, dishes, creatively- any task really. I've got my combo down, but I'll give the standardized dose a try! thanks!
Didn't Seattle already invent the real speedball?
It's not new. The name has just changed. I've been calling this a "hippy speedball" for the last 12 years.
@12 Thank you! First heard the term in 2002, too! 3 bong hits and a triple mocha!
Drank a french press of strong stuff, and vaped some decent green material. This combo-product isn't exactly peeling back the foreskin of science.
Tobias...CuriouS...when the WeeD mellowed the CoffeE buzz and, as you so eloquently put it {{•The combination left me feeling alert yet relaxed•}}...'alert' yet 'relaxed', for WHAT? were you going into a burning building to save women and small children? how about saving someone in a hostage negotiation??? NO..? were sitting on your moldy couch playing PS4🍈. Hmmm. TOBIAS? note to yourself: no one cares what you feel inside when you're high. Everyone does it, you're not a civil servant saving anyone, so shut up. You lazy worthless stoner who wandered to a coffee shop and then wrote about it. Gawd. Shrinks!?! get this one's number..he's ripe for the 'It's all about me' problem. Charge him triple. Prob has rich parents(divorced). hahahahahahaha🍕🍕🍕🍕
"Pot Journalist"????? Really? Very sad. I'm fine with legalization. Smoke it, eat it, or leave it alone. I don't care. But do we really need "pot journalists?" Tobias... is this going to be your life's work?

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