They call each other comrades?!? And goose stepping? REALLY?
Crossed hammers as their symbol? Have these morons never seen "The Wall"? I guess not. Too busy playing video games in Mom's basement.
My money is on the Stormfront post being an attempt to troll the skinheads by sending them to a non-existent event. The language of the post feels too on-the-nose, like a work of satire that's totally credible and totally ridiculous at the same time. Like a Yes Men prank directed at the skinheads.
"good ol' goosestepping"???? That alone is pushing me toward satire, but these people really are like that, sooo...
I thought they were coming to Capitol Hill?
@3, Subtlety isn't the strong suit of groups like this and congregating them either by prank or genuine invitation results in the same outcome...a skinhead rally.
@5, yes, if you want white guys in leather outfits, try the Eagle! Ballard- goodbye lutefisk and smokey bars, hello goose stepping and $800K homes! That's progress!
I guess we'll know where liberal_censorship will be that weekend.
I just re-read the missive. So they are presumably going to have some sort of outdoor music festival in Ballard. In December. And then march to Capitol Hill (after a good old-fashioned cross burning) Or maybe they are going to carpool to Capitol Hill after the cross burning and march then?

For one thing, they'll never find parking.
I'm half Japanese. Where's my rally?
I get it, Ballard is now the center of this region's societal decay and where ideologies and economic stratification battle for our attention.
Check the Ballard Eagles Club to see what they've got booked that day. A couple years back I ran into a lovely patron who stepped out of one of their functions to grab a smoke while wearing a full swastika T shirt. None of the people around her seemed surprised or offended in the least.
I doubt that they were an Eagles member, but the management may want to screen their clients a little better.
This reminds me of an event years ago in a city far from here. Antifa groups got word that white power idiots would be having a new year's eve gathering featuring several wp bands. Just a general neighborhood was mentioned; the specifics would be given to the idiots closer to the start time. I think the hope was that enough protesters would show up, find out where the event was, and get it shut down.

At one point we pulled into a gas station to refill and also at the same station was a car with a bunch of skinheads in it. They didn't notice us (we were just random people in a car) but there was an overwhelming feeling of Shit Just Got Real.

short version: the show apparently went on (at least for a bit) and there was no violence between the two sides.
@12: you couldn't Google for 10 seconds before posting?…
Note: nothing on the 6th, but they usually don't have anything on Sundays.
Oh god, here we go again. The folks over at Stormfront have figured out how to get a shit ton of publicity for doing nothing.
"...a local chapter of a national white supremacy hate group that represents Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and North Dakota."

There's a pretty sizeable state missing from that grouping. Did Montana move up to a higher division, or not make the cut?
Of course the FBI doesn't know about it. They're too busy trying to find an excuse to firebomb peaceful black protesters. The SPD should be up to speed, though, given that half the force is probably taking the day off to go to the show.
Welp . . . . Let's see . . .

They had this Martyr's Day event last year. And the Southern Poverty Law Center knew about it and considers the Northwest Hammerskins to be one of the most violent gangs of white supremacists in the country.…

Here's a paragraph about Martyr's Day and the Hammerskins in a book about white supremacy in America:

And here's a post from 11 years ago on a white supremacist site inviting people to the same damn event all the way back then:…

So @14, and to the author - Either Stormfront has been working, with the cooperation of anti-hate group staff, to troll the residents of Seattle this week or yes, this is a real event put on by actual skinheads. I do wonder though if the author is an actual, real reporter considering I found all of this in five minutes with a simple Google search. I'd call the King County Sheriff's department but I suspect they'd tell me I'm a figment of my own imagination and go back to their coffee break.

is it byob?
Hate (no pun intended!) to tell ya, but you should be worried about "vibrant" teens, not old kooks in red suspenders, if you bother to read crime stats.
Is "Beer Hall Putsch" a real band? I ask because assuming this whole thing is parody, the name of the band is among the funnier aspects of the parody.
If the event were to take place, I suspect many of the slog commenters (some in this thread) would go. (As long as they got permission from their mom.)
@21, totally agree. That one made me immediately say "This is fake." But if it's not fake, they get points for reprehensible creativity.
There is a new story about the Martyrs Day event on the Rose City Antifascists blog.…
Best and most successful counter-protest response I've ever heard about what when a crowd of people showed up contra an unwanted (but legally protected) KKK rally in a small Michigan town, and dropped trou and mass-mooned them.
Apparently the KKookyKids got super-flustered, packed up, left, and never came back.

In the spirit of that, best to launch humor and mockery at the StormyFronty types -- if this is even a real thing.
@19 - "Bring your own bigotry"?
@26 Although those results can't be topped, my favorite is a guy live-scoring assholes going to a rally with oompa loompa music from his sousaphone; YouTube vid called "KKK marchers going to Rally", highly-recommended viewing
Why is the beer hall putsch thing funny? It's a legit Hitler reference commonly invoked.

WTF is wrong with SPD and the KC sheriff's office? No idea what the fuck martyr day is? Taking cues from a Slog post?

So flabbergasted by their Wiggum-esque approach to policing (and all around occupying space on this planet).
Oh Sydney, that word you keep using. It does not mean what you think it means. "Update" is for new information or changes in a situation. The word you're looking for here is "correction."
I wonder if the Hammerskins have been infiltrated by the FBI. Perhaps like they do with peace activists, they've exhorted their members towards violent action. Certainly the Rose City Antifa has aroused the attention of local law enforcement. Assuredly, they've been infiltrated by cops, keeping an eye on them. Certainly cops encourage such groups towards violent activity.

Which gets me thinking, perhaps this is all a proxy war of the various law enforcement organizations fighting each other? Borges would be proud.
@7 We don't need any more "whites only, no fems", anti-Muslim, misogynist gay men joining up with white supremacist organizations.
I believe the SPD has willfully turned a blind eye on such organizations due to their own systemic prejudices. Or they're being lazy.

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