SLU traffic nightmare: if Amazon wanted to throw some cash at this issue as well, that would be awesome.
Find it interesting you pointed out they are looking for 3 white men...wonder why you never mention when the police are looking for black men?

"Police say a black male suspect"

"Police say a black male suspect"

"He is described by police as a 6-foot tall black man"
@2 - Good news for you! Your school is forming a club to push for White History Month AND Men's Rights. You should join.
"3 white terrorists" would be more accurate.
Lemme' see if we have Slog correct:

A group of people in Minneapolis are protesting the death of a repeat criminal (who was being arrested for beating the shit out of his girlfriend), and decide to chase three people up a street. In a scuffle, weapons are drawn. 5 shot. (While I think supremacists of all kinds are wrong, they're entitled to assemble as well.)

At the same time in New Orleans, 16 people are shot when two gangs of black youths go banging during a block party/music video shoot in a park.…

But only one of those stories, selectively narrated, fits the political narrative.

@11 "But only one of those stories, selectively narrated, fits the political narrative"

Oh the irony.
MPD will not find the shooters, because the shooters were undercover MPD. What a shit-show.
Why not just drop US po-leese into Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS? Tell them it's an entire region filled with unarmed black motorists with busted tail lights. Really, it's a win-win.
@11: More likely an economic decision than a political one. Urban gang members killing each other is not even news anymore it happens so often. There is no meat on that bone, no one is interested. Much more to talk about and much more news value when there is white on black violence.

@13: Care to share the information you have that proves this assertion? I think that would be an important thing to share, because it looks like only you have access to that information.
Re: Turkey v Russia

Now someone just needs to shoot a rando Archduke, and we’re all set for the apocalyptic WWIII that Real Americans desperately crave (to send other people’s kids to die in).
I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya, that Big Agri's husbandry practices could have caused our meat supply to be unsafe! Guess they didn't pump those chickens with enough antibiotics to overcome their spending all their lives standing in one spot covered with their lifetime's collection of feces. Who could have thought this would cause antibiotics-resistant bacteria problems!! And so what anyways, who cares about sick people and dead kids, when our agricultural profits and stock values are increasing! God's in his heaven & all're right with the world, amirite?
@16, not an Archduke this time, because we no longer care if only a few (hundreds/thousands/hundreds of thousands) people die, if nihilists - whom the tea party call Muslims - didn't kill them: Exhibit A: 2003 European heat wave, exhibit B: the 606,000 who died in weather disasters (UN report)

Nope, it will be over WATER, and this time, it WILL be the war that ends all wars, because it will end all Homo sapiens sapiens; and yes, even the 1%-ers, because Mars won't be ready for them to escape to, no matter how much money they have.
@13: MPD has arrested a 23-year old - looks like you're wrong. Unless it's a stool pigeon!
Jesus christ I can't go anywhere on the internet without seeing a comment section full of Stormfront mouthpieces. Same shit every day: smear the victim, claim they were asking for it, cast doubt on their testimony, derail the discussion by insinuating that media bias coddles black criminals, derail the discussion with red herring made-up statistics about "black-on-black" crime, etc., etc.

Fuck your Stormfront bullshit. And fuck the Stranger for tolerating racist trolls in this comment section.
Obama's jihadi buddies using TOW missiles? Who woulda thunk.
There is no way the Supremacist attack on BLM wasn't planned ahead of time. No way.
@17 - yeah, but E. Coli can infect organically grown free rage chicken and grass fed beef just as much as it can Costco's chicken.
Not sure, but these might be the two men mentioned in this morning's Minneapolis Star Tribune article that states two suspects are being held in the shooting. Doesn't look planned. Self defense?
@22: Geez. Getting ugly.
funny how people laugh about people who worry the govmt going to take their guns, but get all serious about the govmt tracking them down snd arresting them. if your in the Weather Underground your phone SHOULD BE TAPPED.
If your just a common joe, who the fuck do you think gives a crap about you? INCREASE GOVMT SURVEILLANCE NOW. I paid 25 mil in taxes last year, and I demand results. if your not working HARD then you are at the TOP of the capitalist cake, NOT the bottom. I, a deserved billionaire, worked hard all my life. But you are a sloth. I bought a house between the last two sentences.
just bought a car after the previous sentence.
#8, chasing armed men usually gets you laughed at as they drive off. We live on Earth, not in a Hollywood movie.
@25 E.Coli "infects" everyone. We have lots as part of our normal flora. It's the virulent strains that make people sick and the more vulnerable - kids, elders, those who are immunocompromised - DIE. Surely you can see that chickens and life-stocks that are forced to stand all their lives in one place, covered in feces and rotted feed, are MUCH.MORE.LIKELY to get the virulent strains than the free ranging animals - because they are less healthy, and get all the non-lethal strains killed off by the antibiotics in the food forced-fed to them daily?
@27, perhaps you could spend some of your money learning ENGLISH then; 'cause it's really hard for us hoi polloi to take you seriously with all the word crimes you just committed - as if you were a middle-school drop-out, raging against all those non-whites and women stealing your jobs, from your mom's basement!
@31, I am having trouble understanding your language. You start with self admitted assumptions, automatically throwing all rationality to the wind. Then you claim this is all common sense, after fully admitting you've gone on a hypothetical roller coaster.

I'm not sure common sense means what you think it means.
Yes, it is irrational to assume that. That is why it is called an assumption. Perhaps you should try looking at a dictionary. It might sharpen you up a bit.
Two very different groups of dumbasses looking for trouble. They both found it.
These comments have gotten really bad. Slog needs to clean this shit up. Otherwise, I suspect no normal people are going to bother with the discussion a year form now. But maybe that's the plan.
36: Without knowing the facts of the case you immediately blame Black Lives Matter. Be honest and admit you're a racist. That way people can actually argue with your ideology instead of your stupid blame-the-victim post. In face, all of your concern trolls need to just admit what you.
It's the same way George Zimmerman was "white" (that's funny!) and now one of the Minneapolis shooters was said to be "Hispanic" according to police. #Diversity
Spoiler Alert: The crows go to Bothell!

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