I'm not surprised that the business press would want to bring this guy down a notch or two. Not to say that the claims are neccesarily false, just that they're happy to take advantage of them to take down a potential disruptor. If this was any other business leader maximizing the profits it would be completely ignored as business as usual. pun intended.
@2 Well said, SPG. I was just about to say pretty much the same thing.
I don't understand how this changes anything really. I mean so the CEO of gravity payments actually is a jerk who cut his salary to stick it to his brother. I even if the motivations to raise employee pay to improve the companies productivity were not really egalitarian, there is still the bothersome reality that having more egalitarian business practices is good for business.
This is a total hit piece. @2 has it.
So his motivation is suspect. Does that mean he shouldn't have raised his employees wages to 70 grand? I have a feeling there are going to be a few fox news republicans rich assholes throwing this article around to discredit anyone who wants to raise wages.
Lets not forget the many other articles written about Price "not" done by Fox News. He gained clients and workers and lost some workers and clients. The story on this is not complete yet. The two people who quite said that this rewarded the people that were least productive and punished the people who did most of the work. This led to people quitting and taking employment elsewhere. Can the company have the same productivity with the clock in and clock out mentality? The verdict isn't out yet.
If we waited for progress arising solely from pure motives in the hearts of saints, we'd have a very long wait.

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