Lisa Herbold will be a fantastic representative - for West Seattle and South Park, and also for the entire rest of Seattle. And, as the Stranger already knows, Lisa is also accountable and accessible. Congratulations to a neighborhood asset and friend.
Awesome kickoff to what's going to be a great political career. First West Seattle, next, who knows? Maybe run for office in Seattle itself. From there the sky's the limit.
I hope she gets smarter about land use policy, but she's bright, capable, and holds considerable promise to carry on the best of her former bosses legacy, while shedding some of the more unfortunate parts of it. Congrats.
Agree completely with @2. District 1 and the city as a whole just got very lucky. And as District 1 comes to understand even more clearly what Lisa is about, I suspect that she won't be winning by 39 votes the next time she runs.

Nobody has done more to earn the right to represent our city than Lisa has.

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