Ivan Sanchez and Jacinto Ramirez Reyes say they were underpaid and threatened when they spoke out. Kelly O


Here is to hoping your heart grows so that you can have room to empathize with more than just your jingoistic roommates. To use national borders as a benchmark for empathy? Seriously?
Why eae illegal aliens working on this project? What's wrong with hiring american workers?
This system loves to play and exploit undocumented workers against other workers who buy this false tale carte blanche. Instead of looking at root causes such as a corrupt system and corrupt politicians that are leading people by the nose with this false tale that divert workers, that profit is number one by owners of the companies involved - people be damned, and the crimes committed by wall street and the banks, some would blame disenfranchised people. Stand up for jobs and a decent standard of living for all instead of whining about economic refugees. Also, these people are mainly latino, brown people who are native to these continents, “undocumented workers” is a racist term and cowardly term meant to denigrate brown migrant workers who are not your problem. Its a scam by those who profit by it.
Like the Who sings “Join together with the Band”. Join together.
Did you have any qualms or second thoughts about publicly outing two illegal immigrants with this story, Ansel? What if they get deported?
First off there is no such thing as illegal alien. Undocumented workers are the go to for these jobs precisely because companies find it easy bbc.co to exploit them. The other fact is that migrant workers work harder , are more reliable and are willing to do things US citizens won't. They build country along with all the other immigrants and slave labor. Next time you put food in your mouth thank an immigrant.
@7- according to the IRS website- "Illegal Alien
Also known as an "Undocumented Alien," is an alien who has entered the United States illegally and is deportable if apprehended, or an alien who entered the United States legally but who has fallen "out of status" and is deportable." So, yeah, there is such a thing.
@1: if you think that's too much per unit and "profligate waste", you know exactly shit about construction or development costs.

which is par for the course on nearly every topic.
@3: Contractors are desperate for workers in general. Do you know any unemployed "American" construction laborers?
@11 I don't think he knows anyone. It's hard to meet people when you never leave your mom's/grandmother's basement.
@1 & @3

Oh for fuck sake. You complain that these developments cost too much and then you complain they use undocumented workers? Are you really this god damned stupid?

They use undocumented workers because of assholes like you two who worship the mighty market above all else and don't want to raise taxes to pay what things really cost. Because in order to pay DOCUMENTED workers these developments would cost orders of magnitude MORE.

It's entitled assholes like the two of you who want shit for free that developers hire cheap undocumented labor in the first place.

Maybe if you guys were responsible adults and paid what living in a modern society really costs instead of deferring those costs onto the backs of impoverished and exploited labor and maybe we could solve these problems.
#7, #8

Why don't we call them Citizens...of Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica...

Everyone has a Citizenship.

Calling them an "alien" or "undocumented" only phrases their status in terms of the US.

They have Citizenship and they should make use of it.

Their nation of origin should not get off the hook for providing them with basic welfare.

If the US is to do anything it should pressure these nations to live up to their own Constitutions.
Recycling a 6 day old article? Have you neither class nor shame? The Stranger can't even use "weekend content" as an excuse this time. Seriously, who on your editorial board is okay with this? Get rid of them while you have the chance.
these veteran non profits are the problem ..our elected officials have developed a much to cozy relationship with plymouth,bellwether and lihi ..handing them tens of millions of dollars with no oversight ..while this money is mismanaged and handed to corrupt developers..then even when caught multiple times there are no consequences
You fucking racist cunts, where the hell in the article does it say that they're either "undocumented" or "illegal immigrants"?

It doesn't, your racist subconscious thoughts just made you think you saw that.

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