Sounds like, as you write, nonsense.
So with the Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology committee gone, civil rights goes to Herbold's Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development and Arts Committee. Technology no longer gets a mention, but that seems reasonable, as it is an issue that affects every one of the other committees. But what about public safety? We split police oversight between the committees concerned with human services, public health, and civil rights, maybe? Providing services to humans in order to improve health and safety while refraining from violating people's civil rights seems a reasonable job description for peace officer.
Why is Utilities separated from Environment and Sustainability?
@3: Its separation from Energy is also curious.
Current Council President Tim Burgess will chair Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods, and Finance.

Johnson landed Planning, Land Use, and Zoning

These assignments are both very good news for people who want to see the housing shortage taken seriously. They're probably the two people on the council who best understand the connection between providing more housing across the board and increasing affordable housing.
ditto Phil @2: which committee absorbs public safety?

Also, interesting to note committee make-ups and that Bagshaw and Sawant do not share any direct committee membership.
Energy = City Light
Utilities = Water Department.
Bruce Harrell is the new president of the City Council AND will head the committee overseeing education? With the Vice-Chair is Lorena Gonzalez, Debora Juarez, Member and Tim Burgess, Alternate. That is not the line-up I would want to see if public education in Seattle is to continue operating independently, but in partnership with, the City.

Harrell cares about public ed but between his new presidency and the fact he's not the most active City Councilman, I worry about who will really be directing that committee. Given that the Vice-Chair is closely connected to the Mayor, I have to wonder.

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