I hate to be a cynic, but she'd get much more done for the people of Seattle by staying on the Council.

In DC, she'd be marginalized as much as, if not more than, Baghdad Jim.
From Baghdad Jim to Moscow Kshama.
@2 Seriously? Do you know the difference between a socialist, a Marxist, and a Russian communist?

Since McDermott was totes correct about the stupidity of going to war with Iraq, Baghdad Jim is a compliment, yes?
Sorry, but Kshama has only proven her ability to get one Alt Socialist elected: herself (see "Spear, Jess"). Looks like time for a Democrat fight!
@2: he doesn't even know that Russia is not Socialist/Marxist/Communist anymore.
@5: Good catch, Havana Kshama sounds better anyway.
@4 has it right. She lumps Ds and Rs together as "the two big business parties" because she lacks the nerve to say what she really means, "the two big capitalist parties".

I think she's right in the crying need for more working class representation (WTF is "independent"?), but I think she and some of her supporters are mistaken to think breaking from D will allow more progress. I don't like her and look forward to when she loses. Which she will.
Wow! Leschi has gone Socialist?
National Republicans would like nothing better than to have Sawant represent socialism in DC. A total home-run.
@3....There may be technical differences between the 3 ideologies you mention but if you boil them down they really are all the same; you can include democracies and republic in this group as well. In all of them an oligarchy forms that imposes it's will on the populace. Class structures form though they are denied.
Please run!!!!! Anything to get her out of our city.
I actually would be very pissed off if Sawant jumped ship after only two years on the Seattle City Council. Al lot of people worked their asses off to get her elected. We want and need her on the Council for AT LEAST more term to address problems of housing affordability, homelessness and much more.

Political change is being effected increasingly at the local level because of gridlock at the national and state levels. Sawant already has not only a national, but also an international reputation, and through her well organized cadre of Social Alternative party members and her own brilliance can easily project her ideas and effectively influence a very broad audience. Her voice would be totally drowned out in our highly dysfunctional, corrupt and GOP-dominated U.S. House of Representatives, whose members spend an average of four hours a day dialing for dollars.

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