NLRA was basically the death knell to organized labor when it was created in 1948. It took away the biggest power the union had, strike action, and set up the legal complex that negotiates labor contracts today. While it's true that labor action like the Seattle general strike of 1919 were crippling to our nation's economy, it provided the check to robber baron strangle hold over the economy that had created wild crash and boom cycles of the previous era.

Once the fix was in, the NLRA brought labor and management into binding arbitration that forbade the rank and file from solidarity actions to support workers in other trade organizations, essentially a divide and conquer strategy that led to the 7% union market share we have today. That even this watered down version of organized labor is being contested in court speaks volumes to lack of respect they have for people who drive us to our appointments, clean our houses, wash our dishes, pick our fruit.

The Chamber of Commerce is right about one thing; don't take your foot off our necks for one second, or we'll bite the hand that feeds.
Why apologize for "wonky" language?
Are Slog readers supposed to be dumb?
I think it's good that you write stuff with substance.
@2, agree. Everyone in Seattle is wonky but they all apologize for it, because no one else is supposed to be able to understand what they're talking about. It's passive-aggressive patronizing.

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