I'm sure that "end demand" will be a compete success! For instance, compare with the 100% compliance rate when the Church prohibited masturbation and sex outside marriage! Also, drugs are illegal and no one EVER uses them recreationally! Way to go!
Here's a thought. Legalize sex work. It is no business of government (or anyone other than the two adults involved) what two adults choose to do sexually. Period. End the Puritanism.
Satterberg has always been a puritanical clown -- he doesn't give a damn about these women, just making more of a name for himself.

There's a reason why prostitution is called the oldest profession -- it is never going to go away. It would be much better for the prostitutes, mostly women, if it were to made legal and well regulated.
Again, This excuse of "trafficking" is just an excuse.
Decrimanalize it ! If your really worried about us Women . Make it safe and out in the open . this would help in our safety and weed out the trafficked victims.
Thank god for swop.
I know a lot of people think all of us are pimped, coerced, on drugs, mentally ill and we have no other choice but that is not the truth. I love what I do. I am putting my kids through college and supporting myself and my Dad with Alzheimer's . I know plenty of other Providers would agree and I am the majority.

The first commodity and probably the last.
Get the real Criminals!!!!!
This is so ass backwards.

Assholes. So Satterburg wants to run for Governor. So does my a Republican.
My dog would beat this pin-head prick in the Republican primary.
I have absolutely no problem with a person offering themselves for sex in exchange for money, as long as they are doing it of their own free will. But I have some misgivings about several "massage parlors" in my neighborhood that are open all hours, and seem to be very closed off to the area around them. Downright skeevy and sinister. So what's a person to do?
I'm sad, but not surprised, to see the Stranger and commenters "championing" voluntary sex workers at the expense of unwilling trafficked women. The twelve women who were rescued today were "working" under the extreme duress of knowing their families at home in Korea were at risk of violence or death from criminal gangs. I find it repugnant and sickening that so many people choose to prioritize the convienance and ease of those who wish to engage in illegal prostitution over the very lives and freedom of these women - who are rape victims. The industry as a whole does nothing to safeguard such victims, who make up a large percentage (I'm not going to argue "majority" because I don't want to spend the rent of the night googling studies) of prostitutes. Nor do the majority of patrons make any attempt to distinguish between willing sex workers and girls or women coerced into prostitution by need or by criminal pimps. If voluntary sex workers and their patrons want to be taken seriously, they should be in the vanguard of efforts to eliminate trafficking - including the shutdown of sites and brothels that advertise, promote, or otherwise have any contact whatsoever with trafficking.
As far as commenting on trafficking , I don't think anyone agree's there are not victims . but not all sex workers are victims . decrimanalizing sex work .
I have read studies as I have been in the industry for many years and I am not a victim. I agree , get the traffickers and I'm sure I'm not the only sex worker who agrees.
The fact that a entire site that made our world safer is gone should worry you.
Now let's see how many victims there are . this is forcing us on the streets and unable to screen clients . therefore rape and robbery is a higher risk. So , you can convince yourself that those 12 victims have stopped the issue but your sadly mistaken.
I am just as glad they saved "victims" but now they have created more.
Leave the site up and close the brothels.
As a matter of fact I personally did report a trafficked teenager and I am not the first in this community to do so.
Walk in my shoes before you try and correct us commenters who actually have to deal with unsafe conditions.
Stigma is always an issue.
If you did look up the recent stings across the country you would find 100" s of Women arrested who are NOT trafficked and maybe 7 trafficked and yes that's great , save the victims but leave us trying to pay are rent alone.
Whyis something I can give away for free illegal tosrll in the first place ??
Frustrated , Mature, non trafficked, happy, non drug addicted, raised middle classed, happy hooker. Leave us alone and get the real Criminals !!!!
But note that the free-will sexworkers participating in did not appear to trying to disassociate themselves from this obvious sex trafficking, enslavement of "comfort women" for Americans. I'm not sure what they should have done or could have done, but they clearly aren't able to police their own industry. I don't see how this could be resolved outside of legalization, but if free-will American sexworkers mix their business, their trade organizations if you will, with that of slavers, essentially giving them cover, they should expect this result. Don't kid yourselves about the position of these "K girls." Enslaved "comfort women."
@9 Are you really saying a rate of 7% actual enslavement should be acceptable in a service industry in the United States?

@8/10, WTF are you talking about? It's illegal! When the law sees no difference between a self-employed sex worker and an enslaved foreign woman, it is ridiculous to expect them to "police their own" or denounce them for "giving the slavers cover."
Let's keep in mind that police are violating our constitutional rights to have private sex when they put on these dog and pony shows. are doing—prostitution shouldn't be treated as an illegal activity. We want change and we are making that change happen in our historic constitutional challenge. I suggest you all get to donating to the cause. A favorable ruling will invalidate Washington state anti prostitution laws.
Legalize it. Let's see the politician who champions that cause.

And jaywalkers. Until jaywalking is legalized, you should have no problem if the police target you and arrest you for jaywalking.
Shutting down a site like TRB is like shutting down a needle exchange - all it does is make the activity supported less safe for everyone involved. This is saddening.
Captain Save-a-Hoe strikes again, fighting in the name of pompous virtue, blinkered thinking and arrogant, delusional hypocrisy! Hooray for Captain Save-a-Hoe!
I'm sure those 12 women will now be able to enter the free-market workplace as they wanted to, and will make the choice to live the American Dream and become doctors, CEOs, and other wealthy entrepreneurs. After all, the ONLY thing holding them back from that was the illegal sex trade.
I'm surprised no one has noted that most cases of human trafficking are domestic labor cases (maids, nannies, etc), and farm, and restaurant workers rather than sex workers. The focus remains on sex slavery because it is titillating to a puritanical nation, not because the authorities give a shit about exploited people.……
@20, I am all for legalizing the sex trade, but make no mistake that trafficking women is a serious problem. Now that they are not under the control of their pimps they could, if they choose to, re-enter the business as independents and actually KEEP THE MONEY THEY EARN.
Authority types are always looking for ways to pivot off something genuinely evil and/or scary to the public, in order to create increasingly Draconian methods for privacy invasion and persecution of consensual (but illegal!) crimes. Look at how the government used terrorist threats to force us all into body scans at the airport that make it nearly impossible to transport drugs, and increased surveillance in general that threatens our right to dissent.

Anyone who thinks "illegal" is a synonym for "immoral," as Satterburg clearly does, is not to be trusted.
Trafficking is bullshit. The victims are a almost never being held prisoner or enslaved in the classical sense.

The criminals gain control of their victims by protecting them from our government. Without that protection the victims would be locked in prison and eventually deported.

That's what trafficking is. It literally has nothing to do with prostitution. Nothing.

Anyone that claims punishing sex workers helps prevent trafficking is full of shit. They're trying to mask their hatred of sex workers with false altruism.

Of course legalization doesn't prevent trafficking, since most trafficking is already happening in legal industries. The only fix is fixing our immigration system.
And what's with this "coerced by need" bullshit? Equating that with exploitation or slavery is ridiculous unless you actually apply it to anyone who is coerced by need.

That would make anyone who works in order to pay their bills an exploited victim. A wage slave.

Which is exactly how I see it, what with my being socialist and all, but I don't think that is what the anti sex work bigot was going for.
I'd also point out that those 12 women would be in an immigration detention center right now if they weren't willing to testify their pimp. Or if the police had failed to arrest said pimp. Or if they'd said they chose to be sex workers.

And how long does a t-visa last? Does it allow them to work? Qualify for benefits? Do they get deported if they get a misdemeanor or infraction? Are the police providing them with food and shelter? Job training?
Note that those arrested are charged with "promoting prostitution" not with any human trafficking felony which is a much more serious crime. If the prosecutor has any evidence that the perps were actually engaged in trafficking, they would have been so charged. This is a complete ruse by local authorities to whip up the populace into false frenzy. The real "crime" here is that this dog and pony show will end in a whimper with the perps getting a wrist slap after the news cycle fades.
@25 by "coerced by need" I was referring to what is also called "survival sex" i.e. Trading sex for shelter, food, or physical safety - immediate needs - when you have no other immediate way to get those needs met. That is not the same thing at all as working to pay the bills as most of us have to do. The false equivalency of a regular paid job to slavery ("Wage slave") or to coerced sex is self-serving, disingenuous, and frankly disgusting. Survival sex is also not the same as professional prostitution - which I haven't got a problem with if it were to be legalized and regulated. I'm not an anti-sex worker bigot (in fact I used to be a sex worker, though I didn't actually have sex with people) but I am an advocate for trafficked women and girls and for that matter, boys and men trafficked into the agricultural industry. I've unfortunately had to hear dozens and dozens of stories in the course of my work that are heartbreaking and horrifying. Sex slavery exists, it existed in this case, and I choose to prioritize it's eradication over the ease and convienance of voluntary prostitutes and thier patrons. Work to change the law, if you want it legalized. It worked for recreational marijuana and it can probably work for regulated prostitution. But the position taken by most here, that police should not shut down sites that offer trafficked women for rent because it makes it harder for voluntary prototypes to work and harder for Johns to access illegal sex, is just a form of selfish apathy.
Oops autocorrect: for "prototypes" read "prostitutes." Probably clear by context but just in case .
Bear with me, I know nothing about sex work, how is advertising on this site different from ads on the Stranger and the Weekly?

While I'm sure there are sex workers who choose freely to be in the business, denying the existence of sex trafficking victims and dismissing them will hurt your cause.

Couldn't remember if I had an account. Here's what I meant to post:

There is still at least one other locally used review board just like TRB. All other arguments aside, why is it suddenly so unsafe for the consensual prostitutes just because TRB has shut down while the authorities investigate slavery? Go use TNA or maybe there's even other boards out there as well. I'd be surprised if all the consensual prostitutes don't already have accounts/avatars on those other boards already. And if not, well, go set them up and get back to work!

I also second what gueralinda said: "the position taken by most here, that police should not shut down sites that offer trafficked women for rent because it makes it harder for voluntary prostitutes to work and harder for Johns to access illegal sex, is just a form of selfish apathy."

Also, I believe that consensual prostitution should be legalized and regulated. Like pot. I don't use any of those things but think it's dumb that victimless stuff is illegal (although an argument can be made that when monogamously married/partnered people hire prostitutes, it's no longer victimless).
Americans worship the MONEY GOD, if sex workers can figure out how to pay taxes on their earnings, I'd bet they would be left alone.
if you get your morality based off whether something is legal or illegal (brought to you by rich white males) you are a fucking moron.
Those who simplistically think that legalizing prostitution will solve the problem of sex trafficking haven't done even the minimal amount of research. Because it's clearly not true, and there is plenty of real-world evidence to prove it.
I wonder how many men who hire prostitutes bother to figure out if the woman they are hiring is a willing prostitute or a victim of trafficking.
@17, I consciously jaywalk as a form of nonviolent protest. Jaywalking laws are stupid in metropolitan areas, and several have made it legal under certain specific conditions (NYC, for example). I still have no problem being ticketed for it, however.

What your seeing here is an organized group of:
* predators/pimps/traffickers
* tricks/johns/hobbyists and
* misguided sex workers
leaving they're opinions based on greed.

Ask yourself "Why do they want prostitution legalized"?

Then look at why we cannot legalize prostitution.

Let’s examine what prostitution is.

Prostitution is the business of predators making large sums of money by using manipulation and coercion on vulnerable women, often young girls, to have sex with strangers. The girls are verbally, physically and mentally abused by the predator.

Prostitution is an industry built on predatory actions.

Legalization will not stop predators from finding girls.

Now let’s take a close look at what legalization would mean for the street level pimps, to managers of brothels, adult review board websites, dance clubs, the pornography industry...

The tragedy is that legalization of prostitution will make it easier for the predator to get richer off the girls while avoiding prosecution.

Sadly, the girls will continue to suffer.

The better approach.

Continue arresting the predators and johns while providing exit services for the women who want to leave the life.

Studies show that the girls want help getting out of the life that they helplessly fell into.

No to legalizing prostitution.

Prostitution - One of the oldest forms of slavery in the world.

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