I'll just add my own name to that long list of activists who were not invited, despite my being named as one of the top ten public records request pests of Seattle PD, costing the city more than $9,700 in labor costs to answer my queries for emails and records. I've been attacked by police at protests in Seattle in 1999 and 2002, and videotaped a police officer on a bike noticing my camera and standing down from a lunge he was making toward a jaywalker in 2003. I have mostly avoided Seattle protests ever since, attending only one in March 2010. I have never been arrested by Seattle PD nor prosecuted by their system, though. Ironically they could avoid my records requests entirely if they didn't target protesters and anarchists as if being either were a crime.
I am at the meeting now as an uninvited observer. O'Toole referenced this post and said, "I want to hear from everybody." She requested assistance with figuring out how to hear from others.
If O'Toole wants help on who to invite, a good start might be looking up who is suing the department...
notice how all the commentators on this thread ARE ACTUALLY USING THEIR OWN NAME rather than some clever anon 'handle' to troll with? A little more accountability and transparency goes a long way when you really have something to contribute.
@4: I wonder if there was an order to the "troops" to stay off of this one? I totally expected the troll army to show up and dump on this thread.

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