It's the 'worse' because they made it this way. Republicans are pretty steady in their contempt for abortion. Democrats however realize we are living in an era where liberal women are more and more empowered to be politically active. Dems have been smart to make issues important to women the tip of their political spear. And thus you see press conference like the one today where Dems claim the sky is falling.
I'm growing tired of that tennis shoe mom, Patty Murray. I believe its whats on the inside that counts, regardless of their level of attractiveness, however she is clearly using her homeliness
as a political tool. Is she a good senator? Yes. Is she homely? Indeed. Did I vote for her? Absolutely.Yet she voted for TPP and TARP which I have no idea what they are but I know their bad. She contributes to this retarded congress just as much as everyone else and she's been in congress for decades. She must endure the same criticism as a younger and more attractive senator. I'm not sure her opinions or her tennis shoes, her wig, or anything else, but she needs to be scrutinized like the rest of 'em. Tennis shoe Moms are wolves in sheeps clothing. Dont you see? Just because a single tennis shoe may be clean and white, doesn't mean it's not riddled with toe fungus on the inside.
OK, Groover, it is high time you used any cognitive abilities you may possess (used for something more constructive than simply censoring my comments) and doing a bit of analytical thinking were Patty Murray is concerned (and Maria Cantwell, etc.).

Firstly, Patty voted for Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, a major force behind the adoption of forced arbitration, which is now almost routinely invoked to preclude workers and citizens to exercise their constitutional right to legal redress --- to sue the hell out of some corporation or company which is trampling their rights, including the right to pro-choice!

Consistency becomes Patty Murry, as she is a big supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which will promote forced arbitration globally, screwing more and more people the world over, and helping those who would trample on women's rights, and workers' rights the world over!

She can talk the talk, but be most suspicious of her when she's not walking the walk.…

But, as the Times revealed, Roberts himself was a driving force behind the creation of the forced arbitration scheme a decade ago.…

@1, you are a member of the totally clueless demographic --- political theater is created solely for your kind --- the Zombie Sheeple of Amerika who refuse to think for themselves. (Read my previous comment, please!)
No one has ever said that an abortion is illegal. The argument stands with how much government money should be subsidizing abortions. An atheist would be angry at government money being spent on giant status of Jesus, and Christians aren't thrilled that their tax dollars subsidize abortions. The war on women is kind of blown out of proportion when it comes to the abortion argument.

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