Can't wait to hear Cruz repeat that he'll undo every one of Obama's EA's on Day 1. Solitary Confinement for Juveniles is the FOUNDATION OF OUR FREEDUMB!
Actually, "Police are not going to arrest these people for being poor" was a very condescending comment to the good people of Magnolia. That tweet was really out of context as citizens come together to tackle the horrific problem of homelessness in their community.
Ugh damn it Ansel, the crowd was upset cause that was a misrepresentation of their argument. People in queen anne/ballard want CRAIMINALS to be arrested. The mayor and the stranger wants to frame this as nimby vs homeless but its not. Its neighbors vs crime. And by crime i mean the people breaking into cars, houses, stealing bikes, cars, packages.

Also intervay has one official tent city, getting one official rv park and has a brand new recovery clinic. Meanwhile how many official homeless camps does capitol hill have, 0. So who is the real nimby'ers.
@3: Capitol Hill has Methadone clinics, and wall-to-wall street crazies. They bear the burden like every neighborhood.

Not their fault there are no parking lots to put Tent Cities on.
@4 theres space in cal anderson/volunteer park
@4 also the stranger refuses to admit problems are being caused on the hill by the "wall-to-wall street crazies". some of the hate crimes they're reported on have been committed by homeless drug addicts/dealers on the hill, but you need to read chs to actually see who gets charged as the stranger only reports on who gets charged if it fits their narrative

Where, precisely, would these spaces be? Are you suggesting converting the lot in front of SAAM into RV parking? Setting up tent cities around the reservoirs?
Were the pedestrians wearing bright, reflective clothing? If not I'd say they were at least 99% responsible. You can't expect motorists to see you walking down the sidewalk without your strobe light; how about some personal responsibility? Fuckin' pedos.
@9 take all the parking spots away along 12th along cal anderson and use it for rvs.
@9 also theres big open spaces in volunteer park, more then enough room for a tent city
Ansel, The SPD blotter link you provide pretty much proves the point of the Magnolia "NIMBYs" that there was a lot of crime around those RVs. A bunch of warrant dodgers, heroin dealers, meth dealers, car thieves, burglars, sex offenders, and other criminals get arrested once SPD actually took some action. We all know that not everyone camping in their car falls into the above category, but for fuck's sake you have to at least recognize that more than just a few do. It's actually much better for the more law abiding homeless if the SPD picks up the scumbags preying on them.
@9: Exactly - why not? Oh dear! Capitol Hill is no more God's gift to Seattle than Interbay or Ballard are. And the homeless would love to see the Asian art. I'd donate to help buy their tickets.

@10: Last sentence - great zinger.

@12, 13:

tent cities are not going up IN city parks, nor are they ON city streets. they are going up in church parking lots and city owned lots. if you would like to see our already-insufficient park space turned into a semi-permanent campground, rather than just hosting the homeless during the day, you're more liberal than I.

somehow, I doubt that is the case.
A good read about the link between the RVs, drug addicts, thievery, and possible solutions.…
@16 thats just cause you nimby'ers in capitol hill won't allow them. So you cool with tent cities as long as they're not in the type of open spaces your neighborhood has. Nimbyism!
@6, Obviously you didn't set foot in NYC in that era. First of all, the structural changes within the NYPD started under Dinkins which were a big improvement in how the NYPD could work more effectively. Nationally crime rates were dropping. Giuliani just increased persecution of the more obvious petty street criminals, which although welcome, was only part of the issue. He also had a lot of ridiculous initiatives like going after the bars and clubs to shut them down by fining them for not having "cabaret licenses" if anyone so much as tapped their toes or wiggled their hips while the jukebox played. NYPD was allowed to get away with all sorts of civil rights violations with a wink and a nod. Praising Giuliani for "cleaning up New York" is not too far from praising Hitler for making the trains run on time.
Another idea, the city turns the sccc parking lot on pine and havard into a combination tent city/rv parking lot.
I should follow up on my comment above that I'm not arguing against SPD cleaning up Seattle's petty crime problems, just that what people give Giuliani credit for isn't quite the same thing. We can arrest criminals without violating everyones civil rights and turning the city into a fascist police state. We don't have to stop and frisk everyone who isn't clean cut white or let our cops "beat the Mexican piss" out of citizens. We just need them to do a little follow up and actually solve the crimes that are being committed.
@18: hah, you think I live in Capitol Hill.
@16: The Mayor, if he is indeed a true liberal progressive, could by executive order allow encampments in parks and streets and it would surely get the blessing of the city council. The Stranger should spearhead that effort!

And I'm not being sarcastic.
@22 heh. The point is interbay/ballard is doing a lot wrt to homeless camps and it's completely reasonable for people who live there to be upset about the crime in there. The sad part is if the city could get the crime under control the area would probably be more inclined to do more. The critics on the hill are doing very little to help the problem other the divide said des even more
Also fuck do stranger. Reporters even read what they post…

People in those rv that the "nimby'ers" where mad about where fucking committing crimes!
Let me fix the strangers reporting:

Interbay/ballard residents angry about crime in neighborhoods, including those being committed in rvs. Police follow up after meeting and arrest criminals including those in rvs.
May whomever placed the mysterious audio file that automatically plays on the HA site (the primer on Pam Roach) come out to their car/bike after work to find a colossal bird shit upon it. Most likely Goldy.
And kudos to President Obama for issuing that executive order. I (naively?) thought they couldn't impose such a punishment on juveniles.
"Mayor Ed Murray Says Calling All Homeless People Criminals Isn't Fair"

Our mayor, engaging in a patent Strawman Fallacy, arguing against a position nobody is arguing for? Say it ain't so.
@31- "Given the level of scrutiny the Seattle PD has been subjected to I wouldn't expect it to be a very effective law enforcement agency."

Because no one is good at their job when their boss pays attention to what they're doing...

Good lord Mehlman, even for you that's mush-mouthed nonsense.

@32- There are dozens of nations without corporal punishment or long-term solitary that have less violent prisons than the USA.
@27 crashed my computer massively. Windows or something said a trojan horse was trying to gain access. I quickly turned off WiFi and rebooted, then got lots of error messages and spyware hits. I will be very pissed if anything got in, but so far so good.
@24: then just say that. perfectly reasonable post.
@35- Ah, you're one of those loathsome morons who missed the entire point of A Few Good Men and is now attempting to use fiction as a proof in reality. Jack Nicholson's character is claiming he has to do terrible things to do his job, but HE DIDN'T. He fucked up and is justifying himself. Even in the fictional universe he exists in he's just an asshole. Getting that guy killed did nothing to fight the communists, and the whole culture he fostered didn't make America any safer.

"I expect those countries have fewer violent people than the USA."

Having prison systems that aren't factories for violent felons is part of the reason why they're that way.

I used to live about 2 blocks away from the Tent City that's periodically been set up at 22nd E & E Cherry in a vacant lot owned by the church across the street. I don't recall anyone ever clamoring that it be moved two blocks east to the Garfield playground because there was more room or whatever. The point being: if you can find a quarter or half-acre parcel of un- or under-developed property anywhere on Capitol Hill these days to actually site a homeless encampment, maybe then we'd have something to talk about.
@38 sccc parking lot. Seriously. Also get rid of the parking fees/parking zones that prevent rvs from parking on the hill.

Saying we dont have space is nimbyism. Making space isnt.

There's lots of space on the hill, people just don't want to give it up. Theres parking lots the city could buy, theres church spots, and theres park space. Turn the path by the i-5 into one. Or the parking lot by value villiage. Turn the cal anderson bike polo court into one.
@38 the Post office lot on 23rd and Union could hold a lot of RVs. I'm referring to the part or the lot that faces 24th. It has great access to major bus lines, grocery stores (safeway and groc out) and coffee shops and bars and libraries. if they used the same rules as the tent city at the church and were good neighbors, i'm sure we'd be happy to host them in the hood. i live on 22nd and have had very little issues with the folks on the church lot thru the years.

@41 good point, if they can fund a big place for drunk mini golf they should be able to find some areas for tents
@41 i would also engage the seattle u community. it would really play into their social justice themes and they have a lot of resources and at least some space on campus. maybe they could do a deep dive with a smaller number of people and get them some serious help and make progress with them to get them back into permanent housing and jobs
Plenty of parking lots on Cap Hill.
Let people park on street right by Cal Anderson Park.
Give them a permit so cops know who is where. etc
After tragedy last night, you'll see something like that.

There's parking under Freeway by Cjty Hall too. Lots of opportunities.

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