One of the many reasons all new UW buildings will have rooftop solar is it gives us megaquake resiliency as the grid will fail in a megaquake
@#1: 4 people died in the Cafe Racer shooting, and one other was murdered by the same shooter a few minutes later, does this in your mind make cafes inherently dangerous, or grammar schools, or movie theaters, or...
@2: Flat Earthers are simply snarky tongue-in-cheekers that like to irritate intellectual bores by saying the Earth is flat. All the power to them!
not even his cool yacht
Neil Degrasse Tyson's best line was the close.

"By the way, this is called gravity." Boom.

Pretty much every food item you consume is genetically modified in some fashion; that's basically the purpose of agriculture. The only difference between an "heirloom" organic tomato and a "GMO" tomato is that the former is the result of macro-genetic modification (cross-hybridization), whereas the latter is a product of direct genetic modification that focuses on individual genes to achieve specific attributes.
@12, but, but "Frankenfood"!!

Neil Degrasse Tyson is the BOMB.
Homeless encampments are certainly not inherently safe, but neither is urban driving and we don't vilify all drivers for the victims of traffic fatalities.
@12 there are 1 or 2 other important differences - most people who are nervous about GMO foods are worried about the the cross-species nature of the genetic altering and the lack of trials or testing for safety for new products, especially unintended side effects of the genes on their new host.

Given the track record of transparency and ethics in our corporatocracy over the last 100 years, it's not crazy to be concerned.

but @8 no one should hate on NDGT for this reason. he's awesome.
The Stranger continues to take a very defensive stance on the homeless issue in regards to criminality. Addressing the crime problems, safety, and health of homeless encampments is still a “progressive” thing, right? The paper has a reliable knee jerk to expose the class issue when the community or officials raise concerns about problems in the homeless community. Of course there are class issues when we are talking about homelessness. Everybody gets that. It comes off as if The Stranger is advocating a hands off policy for encampments under the logic that the mainstream community has no standing to address problems in the homeless community.
@11: How did the 66 die?

But, the same thing is done in macro-genetic cross-hybridization: genetic material is mixed from plant species that would never cross-breed in nature, to the point that the hybrid is functionally sterile and unable to spontaneously reproduce. Yet, I don't recall people freaking out and demanding safety testing when grapefruits, or pluots, or tangelos, for example, came on-the-market. GMO-style manipulation is simply a more direct, more precise application of the sort of cross-breeding humans have practiced for thousands of years. But, for some reason, when technology becomes involved in any process, many people seem to exhibit an almost Pavlovian, knee-jerk response - and it's almost always negative, despite any evidence to support their sense of anxiety. Frankly, in my mind the anti-GMO movement smacks of the same sort of irrational anti-science, anti-intellectual angst that drives the anti-vaxxer movement.
@19: Melt fuel can't steel jet beams.
Hey Stranger, last night on KIRO-FM, Ron and Don were bitching about a "hit piece" the Stranger was planning on them and Dori Monson r.e. their views on the Homeless.

keep it up!
Considering the Seattle Times' failure to meet The Stranger's journalistic standards, is Sydney Brownstone going to The Jungle to interview current "residents" -- and to see if perception equals reality?
@24: that's not a bad idea. hella journos should be down there today. KUOW had Real Change vendors opining on it this morning. it boiled down to "no one wants to be there but where else can they be?"

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