These anti-Trump protesters showed up at a Trump rally at UW on Saturday.
These anti-Trump protesters showed up at a pro-Trump rally at UW on Saturday. Trump is expected to win in Iowa tonight. Alex Garland

"Donald Trump Is Now More Likely than Not to Win the Republican Nomination," the New York Times Is Crowing This Morning: According to the political prediction markets, "Mr. Trump is now rated to have a 59 percent chance to win Monday evening’s Iowa caucuses, a 69 percent chance to win the New Hampshire primary and a 70 percent chance to win the South Carolina primary."

Or, as the Same Newspaper Puts It in a Different Story: "A fact-indifferent, vulgarity-spouting, tie-hawking, Democratic-donating former reality-TV star is positioned to win the Iowa caucuses, crashing a party to which Republican leaders (and perhaps as many as half the voters) wish he had never been invited."

The Guy in the American Flag Suit in that Photo Above Says: "I'm against everything that Trump stands for." And his flag suit? "We can't let them take over the patriotism of our country. I think it's wrong that they're rallying around our flag."

Here are a couple more people who showed up to the Trump rally.
Here are a couple more people who showed up to the Trump rally at UW on Saturday. Alex Garland

As for Democrats, the Iowa Poll That Has the Best Track Record of Predicting the Winners of the Iowa Caucus: "Shows Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by three percentage points, 45 to 42."

Last Night at a Ted Cruz Rally in Iowa, Someone Called Out "Ted Cruz Looks So Weird!" The man was removed for saying the obvious, which you can hear right at the end of this clip:

Washington State Has the Most Lenient Laws in the Nation About Officers Using Deadly Force: But "a bill that would make it easier to bring criminal charges against officers over the use of deadly force has been introduced in the state Legislature."

Not Sure What to Do with this Jeff Bezos Quote: Apparently he just said, "I spend a lot of shower time thinking about the Washington Post."

The Highest Poverty Rate in Seattle Is in the University District: "What would you consider to be Seattle’s poorest neighborhood?" Gene Balk writes in the Seattle Times. "A lot of folks might guess an area along the city’s southern border — Rainier Beach or South Beacon Hill, perhaps. But surprisingly, the neighborhood with the highest poverty rate — and it’s by a wide margin — is the University District."

A Guy in Seattle Was Trying to Sell His Buick Yesterday When the Prospective Buyers Tried to Carjack Him: Allegedly the guy "sitting in the back seat tried to strangle him with a metal rod-type object" during a test drive. And then things got even weirder.

Boko Haram Burns Kids Alive in Nigeria, Killing 86: There are no words. "Scores of charred corpses and bodies with bullet wounds littered the streets..."

"Well-Known Cancer Advocate May Have Lied About Breast Cancer": That's according to reporting by KOMO over the weekend.

ICYMI: Here's a fascinating feature by Cienna Madrid about people lying about having grave illnesses.