"I'm not interested in miring this down in byzantine Seattle process." A breath of progressive fresh air.
This is a problem that has existed for decades, especially in the fast food/coffee industry.

Starbucks has made it a point to openly advertise how gracious and expansive their benefits program is, but back in the 90's, when I was a latte slinger, they were still manipulating schedules so that virtually every employee fell just beneath the required hours for benefits enrollment.

When asked if they could place me on a more predictable schedule, managers came back with the same seemingly scripted response: "If you aren't flexible, we may not be able to give you as many hours." So I found it interesting that the WRA replied using the word "flexible" in the context of an asset, which unpredictable scheduling is most definitely not.

This has been a benefits payout game for years, and a majority of the employees in the service industry have continuously been the losers.
How about the stranger gets their writers some health care?

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