Excellent news!
It should be retroactive. There was never a reasonable expectation that they would be successful in their suit. It has all been a great stalling effort. Fuckers.
The decision is retroactive I assume because it's as easy as it is common practice to delay the inevitable.
Hey, I support increases minimum wages. However, what I don't support is that the city of seats can dictate to the Port of Seattle. The (Sea-Tac) Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was here way before the city of Sea-Tac was incorporated. Why don't we just incorporate around other entities and then start legislating them as though they were part of the new found municipality.
grrr. Spell Check... 'City of SEATAC' not city of seats..
#4, considering The Port of Seattle exercises domineering power over property outside of the Seattle City Limits (including emergency services, body of law, and contractual rights), I consider it a fair trade. If Seattle had a problem with it, they could have annexed the land. Burien and SeaTac weren't cities until the 1990s. Tukwila is no real barrier.

Seattle had a chance to make the airport part of their municipality. They passed. It makes no sense to cry over spilled milk decades later.
@5: I kinda liked "city of seats". I imagine their slogan would be:
Visit the city of Seats! Come Put Your Feet Up!"
Or to attract new residents:
Tired of playing musical chairs? Come to the city of Seats!
Seats: For When the Music Stops

I'm sorry. I'm a little sleep deprived.
@4 whoever came first doesn't change that SeaTac is disproportionately impacted by poverty wages at its doorstep, no?
Do you seriously think raising the minimum wage will not result in layoffs? Idiots.

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