The Conservative ideal of "protecting" women and children has always been about making sure they're victimized by the proper people (their fathers, husbands, and clergy) and can not do a thing about it.
Dear Senator Hewitt,

Please show me the evidence of all the rapists pretending to be trans to sneak into little girl's bathrooms on which you base your "legitimate" concern. If you can't produce such evidence, then kindly shut the fuck up, you bigoted asshole.


Sane people anywhere.
Why does the GOP's argument against opening public restrooms to transgenders sound suspiciously similar to their argument against opening our borders to Middle Eastern refugees: "If we allow that, some terrible, awful, no-good people will take advantage of it to sneak in and do horrible things"? And why do I always imagine their simultaneous inner monologue being: "well, that's what I'D do!"
Perverts can think of little else.
Rapists tend to be older, white, cisgender males. Legislators tend to be older, white, cisgender males. Therefore....
Can't be too careful. Best to make them all register with the authorities and wear some kind of identifying badge at all times. That way we'll know just who we need to protect our children from.
If you look at the statistics and adjust for percentage of population, whites are actually underrepresented for sexual assault. If you need to point to any one factor, it is being male more so than anything in regards to race, or sexuality, over 98% of people charged with sexual assault are male. The race breakdown is not terribly supportive of your point above, and to my knowledge, good stats are not really kept for sexuality of perpetrator.

@5: You may be surprised at how many sexual assaults cases involve people in the 16-25 range. There is much more of it going on in high schools and colleges than you may think.…

Geez, Sydney.
Still at it. 😊
That Rule has serious flaw and will be re-written, though it may be rewritten in court.

And you're missing the point, no one saying that the danger is from transgender people. Clearly obviously the danger is from hetero sexual cis man. If you simply read with active listening, you'd be hearing what the Republicans are saying, which normally is idiocy but in this case is actually quite sensible as a basis for conversation anyway.

But don't worry it's going to go to court at some time and the court will modify it.
This is baffling to me. Was there ever an issue with rapists dressing as women in order to assault women in restrooms? No? Then why is it suddenly worthy of legislation?

How about from now on if your real goal is oppression of those you find distasteful, just say so. We are not fooled.
@9 Excellent point. If cross-dressing in order to rape women in their restrooms was a successful strategy, we would have been hearing about it on the news for decades.

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