@1 thanks for reading the article and stating the obvious, the rest of us couldn't have managed that.
why do we need to built tiny houses all over when you can just rent an empty warehouse in Sodo and let people set up camp inside? in a place with running water and flush toilets?

I'd bet that would be up and running 6 months before all these plywood tool sheds Bagshaw wants to build. or is there something special about an 8 x 12 windowless room?

@ 3, Good point. My guess is that's not allowed under our extemely restrictive zoning laws, otherwise why wouldn't the city allow developers to fill in Sodo with affordable apartment buildings?
"middle way forward", I love it.

Better to keep aiming than to shoot for the stars and reach the moon after all. The "middle way" has rarely been shown to actually lead to progress. Most people call this "The Seattle Way", and not in glowing terms.
@4: they're not particularly restrictive compared to other cities, but Sodo is zoned Industrial.

converting a warehouse to a shelter would probably require a re-zone, but you know who does that? the city council. they probably have to do something similar to let LIHI house people on church property.
At the full council meeting following the Mayor, the public comment period introduced me to a new friend of Alex Zimmerman. This woman (Queen Pearl) spoke prior to Alex (who spoke softly to the mic, and then did his usual as he walked away) about Black Lives Matter with the fervor of a preacher and the red poster with handle-holes of a StandUp America speaker. About 1h 6 min into the link.

I hope you interview this person so I can learn more about her background and potential political ambitions (a run for public office centered on BLM?)…

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