Typical RWNJ's: "Let's artificially manufacture the very situation we DON'T want to happen in order to demonstrate how likely it is to happen."
I misread the headline as "Conservative Tools ..." Same difference :-)
Trans invading womens public bathrooms and lockerooms to sexually harass is an imaginary problem.

Pants wearing het pervs are an ongoing problem, for instance this oh so Christian fellow:


Instead of legislation to address an imaginary problem, we could use some help with the actual and ongoing sexual harassment and assaults from heterosexual men.

But apparently this legislature composed of bigots don't actually care about women's safety and well being

But did you check, do the men have XX chromosomes? Because if they do, Republicans want -- Republicans demand -- men in the women's room.
"Protect women's restrooms from creepers and sex offenders like us."

Republicans have some serious toileting issues.

I see a lot of sarcastic comments on here, from both sides. I read this article, and found many issues with it. First, and foremost, a few comments on some Facebook pages does not constitute an organized effort by conservatives to have men occupy women's restrooms and vice versa. Every group has its radicals. Every group has individuals who sensationalize and radicalize. To take a few pointless comments as representative of am entire movement, merely emphasizes the ignorance of the article's author. Conservatives have no standing call for anyone to occupy opposite sex restrooms or locker rooms. What conservatives are warning about is the inevitable abuse of the law by men and women who merely want to act out their perversions by spying on people. These perverts will have no political affiliation. They will merely be sick individuals. I sympathize with transgendered people, but i also realize that an entire society cannot, and should not, abandon it's accepted protocols to accommodate a very tiny minority. It is the responsibility of that minority to accommodate the rest of society. It is my personal belief that an individual should only be allowed to use a restroom or locker room that is assigned to their physical gender. How they identify is irrelevant.
@10 and other dumbasses above: So you want dudes like this in the women's bathroom?…
Yeah, yeah, yeah - of course you take this out of context. Several people were poking fun at ridiculous things we could do, but never actually would or did do. It's called "stress relief". We could turn around and get pulled into your tactic here and post all the harassment, cussing and rude comments some trans have posted on Safe Locker Room people as well.
But, hey is any of this productive? Does any of this solve our problems? This is why we keep inviting you to work with us for Safety for ALL people, especially children.
@10: " I sympathize with transgendered people, but i also realize that an entire society cannot, and should not, abandon it's accepted protocols to accommodate a very tiny minority"

1) Aren't you having society accommodate a the very tiny tiny small minority comprised of those who would abuse this law?

2) Do you sympathize with transgender people? Where? You are worried about a hypothetical of a tiny tiny amount of people being "spied on" -- which is already illegal and would continue to be illegal -- verses other normal people who would be put in harms way to use a bathroom that doesn't match who they are. The ONLY validity of your argument can come from the position that transgender folks are not "right," that they don't deserve safety nor recognition. If they deserve either, either recognition or safety, then it is our responsibility to give it.
plus, of course, society should abandon it's "accepted protocols" when they are both wrong and cause harm. you know. because "accepted protocols" means nothing. the question is, are the protocols fair? do the protocols work? will other protocols be more fair? how can they be made to work?
@12 Please show me the huge numbers of straight folks who have been raped and/or murdered by trans people. Take your time, I've got a few years.

Your "everyone does it" false equivalency is just more chauvinistic crap to hide the sickening violence that trans people have had to face.

Oh, you poor thing, rude comments have been posted to FB. Lie down, sweetie, you delicate feather. How awful for you. Why don't those awful people take their beatings and killings like good people and not have to bother you?

You don't care a shit about "all" people. You only care about your selfish attitude. Fuck you.
Yeah, peeping toms and flashers are a diabolical right-wing conspiracy. In fact, male violence against women is a false flag operation, and discussing it is counter-revolutionary.
Wait what's wrong with men going to women's restrooms? Are you a heterophobe?? Or really, you are a gender-phobe!
There is no logical reason why "one holers" should not be open to every permutation of human. Or two friendly people. Say a working girl and her customer.
@10, if you sympathize with transgender people, why do you use known microaggressions like verbing the noun transgender? Huffpo had an article about it back in 2009, and Time back in 2014.
@11, sorry, for some reason my link to a Buck Angel pic has been terminated. But you get my point. Also, who's reviewing the birth certificates at the bathroom door?
#20, I can still see the link. The forward through gives a 404, but just refreshing the 404 worked for me.

As for Buck Angel, he can share a women's bathroom with me any day he wants. I won't mind at all.
@18: What the hell is a "one-holer?" Never heard that one before.
@21, I wouldn't mind either, frankly. :-)
@22, Urethras don't count?
I think we need to go back to recognizing women as "the weaker sex" enough of feminism already. Issues like this make that clear. All this talk about women being equal to men, working in the trades, professional athletes, political leaders, military service including combat and special forces LOL. Can you imagine a Navy seal afraid to pee around someone of any gender! First off we are talking about public restrooms and gyms where lots of people gather and no locks on the door, so ANYONE trying to assult or perv on people in these places is highly unlikely, its RARE. The type that would however will do it no matter what the law. Jee how did we ever get by all these years without restroom police. This is pathetic.
for those who think transgender folks are a small minority who should not be accommodated, why are there handicapped stalls in every public restroom? It is such a small minority, why don't we make them shit on the sidewalk instead of making a wider stall?
People who think transwomen in the bathroom is some sort of invitation for rapists, do not have a brain. I am not a man, I am not going to invite a man into the restroom, I am not going to do anything in there but relieve my bladder.

The purpose of these horrible laws is to deny trans women existence in our society. That is the ONLY purpose. It is an agenda, by the disgusting wrong-wing religious fanatics, who have lost their battle against gay marriage and simply picked another minority to fundraise off of by making up bs to scare their low-intellect adherents with.

Regardless of how many of us there are, that is not an excuse to treat us like we are less than human. Trans people sign up for military service at twice the rate of cisgender people. Everyone I've talked to says "to 'man' me up." Most of the ones I know have paid quite dearly with their service, with PTSD and disability. They are citizens who have given virtually all they had for their country, and are still kicked and spit on by these disgusting "christians."

I haven't mentioned trans men: the Christian right ignores them because it's not shameful to be a man, in their worldview. Just another patronizing attitude (yes, that's a double-entendre) that we can expect from know-nothing loudmouths, who upon first sighting a human being who doesn't fit into their tiny, ignorant little world, freak out like primitive neanderthals confronted by a spacesuit. Seriously.

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