Gary, who has been homeless since 2001, says hes done with encampments and not sure where to go.
Gary, who has been homeless since 2001, says he's "done with encampments" and not sure where to go. HG

The City of Seattle just cleared the Nickelsville homeless encampment near I-5 at South Dearborn Street. Residents of the encampment had been staring down an eviction notice ever since they voted to oust Scott Morrow, the camp's longtime staffer, last month.

"That move effectively invalidates the agreement that allows them to occupy their current home at 1010 South Dearborn Street and severs their ties with the nonprofit organization Nickelsville," Heidi reported in February.

This morning, Heidi was at Dearborn to watch the "sweep" go down:

Sixteen people were living at the camp before the city cleared it this morning. It's unclear how many are willing to go to another encampment, Heidi reports, because some of those encampments are also run by the Nickelsville nonprofit.

Gary told Heidi he lived at Dearborn for more than a year and "kept hoping" for a case worker.

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