"Two residents of the camp told a different story."

Yeah, Heidi, you think some guy who came to town from Arkansas three days ago is a great source of information. That guy is a tourist. Try doing your job and interview someone who has a vested interest in the situation.
An acquaintance of mine went there to observe this morning and found dozens and dozens of SPD staff on-scene, many in riot gear. The department moans and moans that they are understaffed and that we should give them more money so they can hire more staff, then whenever there's the slightest hint of potential protest, they blow their wad on an enormous show of force. Who's in charge, Mayor Murray?

This morning's incident action plan will be automatically published when I receive it from SPD.
Just because a case worker visited the camp regularly doesn't mean that they successfully contacted everyone in the camp. Not the same thing. It is interesting that in order to be considered legitimate in the eyes of the city government, the encampment must have ties to a legally sanctioned organization in the non-profit system. Basically, it is illegal for a camp to exist outside the bounds of capitalism. The essence of capitalism is the displacement of human beings from the resources that sustain existence, in this case housing. The commons are long gone, every square inch of the city is enclosed by private or government ownership. So what happens when the cost to meet one's basic needs exceed one's ability to engage the market? "Homelessness." We are told that it is an exception, or some kind of character flaw, but really it highlights in graphic detail the fundamental relationship all human beings have to capitalism, and the violence required to maintain this relationship.
Where are you getting these numbers from? I'm counting 12 people who refused Scott Morrow affiliated options, eight who moved to the camps offered, one who was turned away from the Othello Nickelsville camp, and two that were referred to emergency shelter. That's 23 at least. Why are you reporting there where only sixteen people? Where are you getting that count from?
Why didn't anyone say that they were gonna find a job because they were tired of sleeping in encampments? Apply at a fast food place, warehouse, grocery store, something. Instead of asking for "help". Getting a job goes a long way towards building self-esteem and character than living in a state of perpetual homelessness. Sure, some can't fend for themselves, etc. They need City and other assistance. But those who can should say give me the address of Labor Ready and Work Force instead of saying "what are you going to do for me now?"

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