News Mar 16, 2016 at 4:00 am

A New Requirement for Sound Transit 3 Would Put 80 Percent of the Agency's Surplus Land Toward Housing

Plans for Capitol Hill Station Development: Thirty-eight percent of the units will be affordable housing. For future stations, the requirement would be 80 percent. Schemata and Hewitt


The minute mart is a dump that is plagued by drug dealers and addicts all day and night. Many of the users hang out in the bushes just south of the station behind the bus stop on MLK. That is why no one goes there. Locals are looking forward to the day the building is bulldozed. My bet is it is gone within the next 18 months.
It's nice to know my grandchildren will perhaps someday be able to return to their ancestral renting grounds
When Sound Transit 3 sells surplus land, we'll get 80-80-80.
When Seattle sells surplus land, we get 0-0-0, because HALA is a twisted joke.

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