The city council will vote in coming months about whether to give a small portion of Occidental Ave to investor Chris Hansen for his proposed new arena in Sodo.
The city council will vote soon on whether to give a small portion of Occidental Avenue to investor Chris Hansen for his proposed new arena in Sodo. seattle arena

People Are Fighting About the Proposed Sodo Arena Again: A public hearing on a possible street vacation for the project drew a huge crowd last night. Sonics fans were out in support of the arena and port commissioners and maritime workers were in opposition.

Former Mayor Mike McGinn Was There Too, Shouting: From KING 5's Chris Daniels: "'People say KeyArena is cheaper they're not telling you the truth, cause who's gonna pay for that? Nobody!' shouted former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn at the pre-hearing rally. 'This is the deal, this is the place, this is time to get this team back.'" The city council could vote by the end of April on the street vacation, allowing the long-awaited arena project to move forward.

President Obama Has Nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court: Garland is a moderate appeals court judge known for his work on the Oklahoma City bombing case in 1995. With that nomination, the New York Times writes, Obama is "essentially daring Republicans to press their election-year confirmation fight over a judge many of them have publicly praised and who would be difficult for them to reject, particularly if a Democrat were to win the November presidential election and they faced the prospect of a more liberal nominee in 2017."

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Won Big in Last Night's Primaries: And, as you've surely heard by now, Marco Rubio is out. Here's the latest delegate count. Here's Rich Smith's live-Slog of the results. And here are some male TV news personalities who should shut the fuck up.

Want to See Hillary Clinton When She Comes to Washington Next Week? It'll cost you between $2,700 and $50,000.

Who Killed Donnie Chin? David Kroman at Crosscut has a deep dive into the still-unsolved case.

On the Latest High School Sexual Assault Scandal: A former football player writes an open letter to his teammates.

Reporters got a sneak peak at the new Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium light rail stations yesterday.
Reporters got a sneak peak at the new Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium light rail stations yesterday. Ana Sofia Knauf

New Light Rail Stations Open This Weekend!!!!!!! Members of the media got to ride between the new stops at Husky Stadium and Capitol Hill yesterday and the new stations look amazing.

The Whole Stranger Is Light Rail Themed This Week: Find all the stories in the issue here.

University of Washington Surgeon Performs Surgery on Gorilla: A gorilla got a sinus infection, so the Woodland Park Zoo called a UW sinus surgeon. “Every time I would look down to put my instruments in his nostrils, I would also see his fangs," the surgeon told KUOW.

The Case Against Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley Is Underway: Yesterday, jurors got their first look at the prosecution's case, including claims that Kelley "lied to mortgage title companies to obtain and hide $3 million in other people's money," the AP reports.

Police Have Charged a Kent Man for Allegedly Raping Sex Workers Along Aurora Avenue: Prosecutors say the man “picks up prostitutes on Aurora Avenue, drives to a nearby location, and then rapes them, by brandishing a knife, threatening to hurt or kill them, handcuffing them or brandishing mace,” reports the Seattle Times.

A Rideshare Driver Is Charged with Sexually Assaulting Customers: One woman said the driver started touching her in his car and "the next thing she remembers was waking up at home on her couch with a pain in her abdomen. She also said she 'felt like she had been punched in the groin,'" KOMO reports.