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Bernie Sanders Takes Seattle's Aggressive Brand of Progressivism National

BERNIE KNOWS: Seattle is a test case in what happens when an unapologetic left emerges. Alex Garland


Good lord. Can you imagine how fucking terrible things would be in the U.S. was like Seattle? You would have angry, bitter, and entitled people running around asking why they haven't been provided 50K a year for flipping burgers and demanding free housing. O, and they would all be socially akward, rude assholes.
I bet "Cody Redblood" is the name of his D&D character. Probably a half-Drow.

I know a couple of "Sanders is awesome, Clinton is a bitch" people. They used to be Ron Paul supporters and I bet this guy was too - the Guy Fawlkes pin is a dead givaway. Their voting strategy seems not to make any sense until you realize that they just don't give a shit about the issues important to the other elements of the Democratic coalition.

I'll take allies anywhere I can find them but Obama won without their votes. Clinton can do it too.
"He's the first honest candidate I've ever seen." Exactly what I felt about Sen. George McGovern in 1972. Those of us old enough to remember know firsthand how that turned out. The Republican attack machine would eviscerate Bernie Sanders.
@2 If you don't like it so much, why don't you just go away?
@4 Humphrey, an establishment candidate, beat McGovern in the 1968 primaries, and then lost to Nixon in the general. I wish I felt more comfortable with how Clinton will do in the general; meanwhile, I'll be caucusing for Bernie.
@2 "O, and they would all be socially akward, rude assholes." You sound like such a lovely person yourself.
Cartoon politics at its best.
@6, please reread your history. Hubert Humphrey beat Sen. Eugene McCarthy for the Democratic nomination in 1968.

With both the Clinton and Obama machines behind her, Clinton will do just fine in November. Especially against Trump.
@9, Yeah, my slip, I wrote McGovern when I meant to write McCarthy. My point was that, yes, outsider candidates (McGovern, Bernie) can loose, but so can establishment candidates (Humphrey, H. Clinton). I wish I felt as confident as you about Clinton in November, but we live in weird times and Clinton has baggage (both real, and imagined by the right).
Imagined by the right wing, and apparently enthusiastically validated by the activist left, without regard for the very likely possibility that she will be the candidate we need to beat Trump in the fall. Some encouragement:…
Perhaps we should attempt to elect more than one Seattle City Council member who fully supports this agenda...maybe even attempt to gain a majority in the State House and Senate, and perhaps a Governor...then, once we've proven we can do that, focus on the National stage. But until we can even elect a "democratic socialist" to high State office, trying to do so on the National stage is just fantasy. But, still, I love Bernie and his supporters! ;-)
Seriously, Stranger? FIFTEEN THOUSAND people there, and you only quote this dudebro and his dudebro friend who make a point to use misogynist slurs. This is exactly the kind of idiotically counterproductive image that pet Bernie supporters are trying to get away from. Don't give these jackasses a megaphone. NOT HELPFUL.
Sorry, "pet" is a typo in @13. Typing on a smart phone is not so smart.
@11, from the article you linked

"The poll finds that Senator Bernie Sanders, who is also facing long odds in his race with Mrs. Clinton, would be the strongest Democratic candidate in matchups against Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz, and he is essentially tied with Mr. Kasich."
@15: Yes, I read it. What the Bernie supporters fail to account for in citing that aspect of the various polls is that he's still unlikely to win in the primary. Further, we haven't really seen the kind of negative attention turned towards Sanders that Clinton has been subjected to for decades. Fine, feel the Bern, but try to remember you are trying to win the Democratic nomination, and in the end the part of that leads to the General is Democratic, not the nominee. Sorry, parties still count. Try not to break this one (like the way the GOP is breaking) while you attempt to gain the nomination, and don't be too sore when you don't get what you want.
BERNIE,BERNIE.Not a chance in hell
"Washington State has been pushing the leftist agenda more than any other state right now." Not really; the "leftist agenda" is emanating from Seattle, not the state. Furthermore, the most "leftist" agenda items are coming from the grassroots, not "Seattle": $15 Now and Honest Elections Seattle would never have been made law without much bottom up activism.

Seattle is governed primarily by a neo-liberal establishment; our "leftism" is primarily anti-establishment just like it is almost everywhere else in America. Urbanism and growth mania might be "progressive" but it is not "leftist."
Note: Forty-three states allow write-in votes to presidential candidates: that's over four-HUNDRED Electoral-College votes. --- & &
And Dan Savage and The Stranger staff still haven't gotten the memo about how terrible and undeserving of progressives' support HRC truly is. How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history?
As far as Nationalist Socialists go...col. sanders is pretty cute.

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