Are we still banning travel to Arizona?
"Mayor Ed Murray plans to ban city-funded travel to North Carolina because of that state's recent passage of a law that allows discrimination against LGBT people."

That's not gonna run afoul of the dormant commerce clause, no siree. /s
Hate to break it to the GOP ignoramuses in NC and WA, but cis men are the #1 threat to women to the physical safety of women, and 98% of convicted sex offenders are cis men as well.
see also: "Bank of America, Microsoft Denounce North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law, but Fund Politicians Who Passed It"…
And the NBA will pull the 2017 All Star game from Charlotte if they don't change that law.

Jeebuz on a Ritz Cracker, why would anyone making 67 bucks an hour/10 thousand a month online want to let anyone else cut in on their oh-so-lucrative action? Keep that shit, under your hat, yo.
North Carolina is a weird place, politically. It is like the definition of "one step forward, two steps back."
Hey Ed, fix my fucking sidewalks and shut the fuck up about national issues. You are NOT PRESIDENT! No one gives two shits about what you think about things happening in other states.

How is Bertha doing? What about SPD? What are you doing to prevent so many damn levies being put on the ballot in place of you actually budgeting for the things you want? Etc, etc, etc....

I don't back this sort of law, but to avoid an echo-chamber I'll mention that its backers claim to be worried about cis-men's pretending to trans-woman status.
@11 What the fuck is a 'cis-man'?

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