Yeah! Fuck charter schools! Wouldn't want schools to actually do better. I mean, if we had good schools what poor students would Democrats pimp during fundraising efforts?
Hey if Inslee wants to align himself with Broad and Walton, who nakedly want to privatize the public school system and hopefully provide market profit $$$ on the way, then yup, happy to go for Bryant. What's the dif in the education area?

As for Ballmer, he was the #1 contibutor to slapping down the last state income tax. The tax that would have funded public schools. Ballmer likes his democratic principals Regressive and his basketball teams in CA. Huzzah.

As for Gates who like Ballmer didn't send his kids to public school so speaks out of his a$$ every time his foundation touts Education Best Practices, let's just say if he spent more time on public health and less time on "fixing" schools our kids might be left alone from his Innovative! Change! mantra long enough to learn something.
Those billionaires should just start a scholarship fund, which I'm sure a few have, and stop trying to drive public policy.
Governor Haircut just continues to disappoint. Was he more effective back in DC or was he just so far away nobody noticed? His signature issue--climate change--seems to be stuck in neutral. His attempt to shame the legislature was thrown back in his face when they overrode all 23 of his vetoes. And he has been totally ineffective in using the Governor's office to get anywhere in resolving the McCleary decision.
@ 1, They don't do any better than public schools, that's the point. They privatize public money in yet another scam to take money from away from public schools and give it to corporations, while also busting teachers' unions.
Charter schools are a scam. They are a rightwing scheme to privatize and profit off public education, destroy teacher's unions, and indoctrinate children with christian blather about creation, original sin, angel-unicorns, and the rest of the fundamentalist crap that passes as christian-theology these days. And they want you to pay for it with your tax money. Teaching kids is the least of their motivations, grifting is their primary goal. Bill Gates and the other billionaires charter school sugar-daddies should stick with what they know best, developing crappy operating systems and funding online megastores that gut local economies. Really, what the hell does Bill Gates know about child education? What a d-bag.
Allowing this bill to become law will definitely cost Governor Inslee some friends, but it won't win him any. None of the people who want him to sign this bill would vote for him anyway.
Pollett and Farrell have a good point - shifting the source of funding from general revenues to the Moron Tax won't fool the Supreme Court, and will piss them off.
Washington State allows regular public schools to do the sort of innovation that charter proponents claim make charter's special. The only thing that charters have to offer Washington is putting taxpayer money in private pockets. They don't lower costs, they don't improve outcomes, they're nothing but a scam.
Fiduciary duties such as education, healthcare and public safety should NEVER be run by private entities.
Charlie Mas, he wasn't afraid of losing pro-charter votes; he was afraid of the money they'd spend to mess with his head in the election. They still might, but with not the same amount of spittle in the corners of their mouths.

Anyway, it was a super feckless move.
Then again, just saw this from Gerry Pollet (whom I respect a lot) in response to someone who said it's time to throw Inslee out: "No - and you'd get someone who really doesn't support our public schools if you supported his opponent. Governor Inslee made clear his opposition and that he expects, as I do, that the Court will throw out this law. There were a lot of opponents who would rather have a definitive Court ruling than another two years of legislative fights and bandaids."
What a cluster. If Bill Gates and his corporate cronies want charter schools, they can totally fund charter schools themselves.

If Inslee wants to align himself with these corporate school shills, I'm happy to go with Randy Dorn, who will also grow a pair on our state's shameful refusal to adequately and equitably fund public schools.

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