And it's not just creatures with shells that are in jeopardy.

Marine creatures with bones -- true fish, cetaceans (whales etc), pinniped (seals etc), and marine birds -- need calcium etc, and get much of it directly or indirectly from creatures with shells.

The stuff at the bottom of marine food chains has great potential for adaptive evolution -- they may rapidly "learn" to extract shell-building ions more efficiently, and/or use less of those ions to build and maintain equivalent structures -- but the stuff higher up the chain would still be left in a world of hurt.
well ... some of the "local scientists and the EPA" say other things; at least regarding the anthropogenic origins and its effects on oysters. That is, as scary as global changes are, (and indeed they are!), there is still some under-reported (typically by the Seattle Times) opposing view which isn't in the pay of the right-wing. That is, as a follow-up posting consider interviewing Cliff Mass.
Somebody should probably tell our local billionaire overlords that something needs to be done about this.

Not that they'll listen, of course, being as they're all old and won't live to see the end of the century, but we should probably try anyways.

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