They try to make the streets safe at night for our friends and these local businesses lash out because they don't benefit equally from nightlife. That's just selfish to me. All they're doing is making sure I never patronize their own businesses.
We should require businesses to publicly display their bullshit feelings on these issues so it's easier for those of us who live by our beliefs to not purchase from them.
Here is our story about the city's report that is soon to be released and what the chamber and the group who organized told us they were expecting to happen this summer:…

Here is our coverage of why and how the pilot came together…

Here is our post on the first phase…

Here is our post on the second…

And here is our story from last September when city released some preliminary measurements from the pilot:…

We've covered the project more than anybody. It's an important initiative for the neighborhood. The spin on our coverage in your reporting is unnecessary -- and not an accurate portrayal.
It's really fucking funny how odd Scott Kubly and Murray look with all the hip white folk in the photo.
This is poorly written and inaccurate. Reread the CHS article you tried to rewrite and try again. You basically tried to paraphrase an article you didn't comprehend. Peeyew.
Obviously they need to keep LINK running until 3 AM and stop subsidizing NIMBY car driver suburbanites

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