This is a stupid idea. It only caters to drunk club-goers. Also, how are the cabs going to come to pick up these loud hordes of barfing nightclub twits? Stupid idea. We need streets for christ sake. Stupid idea. Waste of money. There is Cal Anderson. Stop whining that we don't have open green space, etc. boo flippin' hoo
@1 Reading comprehension is hard, isn't it?
Close them, don't close them, who gives a fuck? Capitol Hill has officially taken the mantle from Belltown as the goto destination for the region's douches.
Was the original closure just an evening thing or was it all day? This is a really good idea that should be replicated around the city, but doing it on Fri/Sat nights in an area that is already an out-of-control, low level public safety issue waiting to happen is not a recipe for success. Writing that makes me feel old, but it's reality - the drunk bros wandering around Pike/Pine at that time of night already feel entitled enough to their personal space without added incentive.
As usual, public interests come second to those of the few with money. Regardless of how people try to frame it now, that interest was to improve safety. It's not a brazen idea, other cities do it. Now there's a light rail station so it would have made even more sense. Who cares though, right? Let's just stick our heads in the sand and keep letting money run our neighborhood.
Creating car-free space can be a real asset to a neighborhood like Capitol Hill. They tried it in NYC near Time Square on a temporary basis, but it was so popular they kept it. Seven years later, it looks like it is here to stay. Similar thing happened in Denmark when they closed their first street to cars in 1962. Due to the popularity of the shops and cafes on the street, it was incrementally expanded to a distance today, that is it was Pine Street, would run from Melrose to 15th Ave.

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