That's not a gooseneck. this is a gooseneck. It goes at the connection between the water main and the pipe leading to your water meter, and you can't see it because it's underground. It sounds from your linked article that this was common if your house was build between the '20's and the '50's. It may not even be a large problem that it's lead, it's more a problem if it's lead and it's corroding.

There's a real possibility of over-scaring people (or even under-scaring them) over this issue, so showing a regular pipe connection isn't helpful.
"WSDOT Apologizes for Tolling Glitch"

Why is WSDOT apologizing? The tolling is contracted out to Electronic Transaction Consultants Corp (ETCC).

And have you ever noticed how the errors in tolling are always for MORE and not LESS than a driver should owe - benefiting ETCC since the surplus sits in their coffers until the mistakes are discovered and refunds/credits issues (if ever - a driver needs to jump through quite a few hoops to fix someone else's mistake).

Yet another example of how public-private partnerships benefit private corporations while shafting the public.
"which raises the question of why it has fought so hard against efforts to raise the minimum wage for its employees."

Maybe because they believe as a private employer, they set the terms of employment - not the government.
@3 I think its a bit more like "they wouldn't have 2.6 billion bucks sitting around with which to buy out other airlines if they were paying their employees more".

And obviously, the government does set the terms of employment. Or hadn't you noticed?
@1: thanks, matt. keepin' it real.
@1 I heard two things:
the problem is from galvanized steel goosenecks, which can trap lead in their corrosion, and release it if there's a big pressure spike.
these same goosenecks (what a stupid name) have lead connectors on the ends.

Either way, I've lived around here all my life, wasting a bunch of water for a few days won't change anything. If I'm full of lead, I'm already full of lead.
In addition to @1's correction (as if just searching "gooseneck fitting" in Shutterstock is quality reporting; WTF), let me offer my own about the Alaska deal...

The $2.6 billion "all cash" offer simply means that Virgin American shareholders will be paid for their shares (equity) in cash, not with Alaska Airlines stock, in part or full. Alaska Airlines will also assume Virgin America's $1.4 billion in debt. So the total price is $4 billion, though only $2.6 billion is due now.

So is Alaska going to pay the $2.6 billion in cash it just has sitting around?


In fact, Alaska Airlines reported yesterday it only has ~$1.5 billion in cash and equivalents sitting around.

So Alaska Airlines will instead put up $600 million of its own cash and issue $2 billion in debt. Together this will purchase the shares/equity of Virgin America.

None of this is to say Alaska Airlines is right about fighting $15/hour pay.

It's all just to say that if you want to be credible in the fight for higher pay, you need to know what the fuck you're talking about and the actual truth when speaking truth to power.

HINT: It would help to understand the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement.

BONUS HINT: Go to the income statement if you want to talk about what Alaska Airlines could afford to pay its workers.
Idiots may "go viral" less often if every news outlet was not falling over themselves to give them attention in order to generate !!OUTRAGE!! clicks/views.

You are never going to do away with idiots, it may help to stop sending the idiots megaphones so that the maximum amount of people can hear them.
News articles about Facebook posts are the lowest form of journalism. Can we treat Facebook posts like JFK's adulteries and ignore them for the good of the country?
Good explainer on lead water pipe segments: (.pdf version here).
"I think its a bit more like "they wouldn't have 2.6 billion bucks sitting around with which to buy out other airlines if they were paying their employees more"."

Exactly. Money with which to grow their local business and employ even more people. And again, I must defend freedom. Freedom to run your business as you see fit. Freedom to sell your labor to an employer at market prices. You statist-progressives wouldn't know anything about it . . . .

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