ATB is Articulated Tug/Barge. The tug fits into a notch in the back of the barge basically making a motorized barge.
How else are we to move the blood of our economy? The material that your (yes YOU!) plastic lifestyle is based on?
Want to prevent the exploitation of tar sands for petroleum? Support regulation of, rather than banning, fracking. Yeah, there are issues with earthquakes and groundwater, and petroleum companies should need to do proper impact studies before starting to frack. But you know what? Fracking makes it possible to get way more oil and gas out of reservoirs with high porosity but low permeability (such as mature sandstones), allowing our petroleum needs to be met without resorting to dirtier sources such as tar sands.
Until we are able to move away from fossil fuels entirely, we can and should frack where it makes sense (in terms of environmental safety and economic feasibility) while enacting environmental regulations to combat the problems irresponsible fracking has caused. Just a thought for those Bernie fanatics who think we need to ban the practice because it's scary and bad.
@3 The intellectual honesty of someone posturing as a specialist and extolling the "virtues" of fracking natural gas without mentioning fugitive methane leaks (methane has 84 times the warming potential of CO2 over a 20 year period) has to be questioned.

The United States alone could be responsible for between 30 percent and 60 percent of the global growth in human-caused atmospheric methane emissions since 2002 because of a 30 percent spike in methane emissions across the country, the study says.

Study Ties U.S. to Spike in Global Methane Emissions

Up To 1,000 Times More Methane Released At Gas Wells Than EPA Estimates, Study Finds

Methane Leaks Wipe Out Any Climate Benefit Of Fracking.
“In conclusion,” researchers write, “at the current methane loss rates, a net climate benefit on all time frames owing to tapping unconventional resources in the analyzed tight formations is unlikely.”

and no, given the industry's and EPA's record, it is very unlikely that fugitive methane emissions will be regulated into oblivion before further major damage to the climate is done.

The "bridge fuel to clean energy" has unsurprisingly turned out to be business as usual.
This insanity, which benefits the already over-fattened wallets of the fossil fuel industry has got to be stopped! I live near the BNSF tracks. Communities disected by the BNSF rail lines (WHY the !@#$ did the tracks ever get built along the coast line of Puget Sound?!) are at dangerously high risk of being catastrophically destroyed by train derailment explosions. We cannot afford to become the next Lac Megantic, Quebec-like statistic in Big Oil's war for profit scheme.
The only way out of this nightmare is to eliminate the insane profits for Big Oil. Peabody Coal has filed bankruptcy, coals stock values have plummeted, and the Chinese have their own coal resources to tap into.

Households and apartment dwellers should have a personal EV - both all battery and extended range hybrid - plugged in, providing an emergency backup power supply. The smaller battery pack of hybrids matched to smaller rooftop solar arrays, simpler, safer, less expensive and more compementary to regional utility grids. PHEV hybrids are more portable than all battery BEVs that require 5x to 15x the energy resource and more dependent upon grid recharging. The smaller hybrid pack extends use many years as low-power stationary household supply.

BEST argument against mile-long coal/oil/gas trains: Bakken Field petroleum reaches West and East Coasts most safely via upgraded pipeline corridors to Oklahoma and Gulf refineries, where it reduces demand for off-shore drilling.
Stuff that argument in your pipe and smoke it.

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