Any cyclist who supported Ed Murray over Mike McGinn in 2013 is fucking stupid.
GODDAMN this always happens in Seattle: we back-walk good ideas, that are in our best interests, when hopefully nobody is watching. This satisfies the $$$ behind the politicians (which is always the mouth doing the reliable talking). The pols can cling to the "we have a working plan" success and ignore the fact that the plan has become complete dog shit.
Mr. X - Traffic is not God. People want to bike, they must be able to do so safely, with equal access. Cars are not as important as you think they are. Downtown is barely a mile across so any serious Commuter should take a bus or bike or walk to where they are going - safely.
So now we need to have equity spread throughout the city. Forget that downtown is the major employment center, we need to spread everything equally around the city. I guess this is what we can expect with council districts.
I'm betting that the improvements they're tackling are starting to get a lot more expensive than originally budgeted because they're not paint stripes and plastic post separation but planters with growing stuff requiring water/upkeep, bike traffic control lights, and real engineering work. Cyclists have long expressed disappointment at the cheap solutions and this is the result.
Mr X is upset because he can't ride a bicycle so he thinks everyone else can't either.
@8: A huge percentage (if not majority) of Seattle's citizens can't or shouldn't ride bikes in downtown Seattle. People like me.
@9 A huge percentage (if not majority) of Seattle's citizens can't or shouldn't drive in downtown Seattle (or anywhere).
Also @3 people use the infrastructure that's built.

Until a few weeks ago 0% of the population used Light Rail to travel from the U-District to Capitol Hill.
@3- The majority of bicycle projects either do not effect traffic speeds or increase them.
@13 You're a terrible writer and even worse troll.

There's a reason you live in Shoreline.
So, no safe way of getting to where buses don't go if your too poor for a car and it's too far to walk. Thanks David in Shoreline & Mr. X, you've solved everything! I didn't need that pesky job to eat or pay rent or anything like that. Y'all are covered so I can just go fuck myself, right?
This isn't hard to figure out.

SDOT reports to Murray. Murray reports to downtown conservative establishment.
I survived 20 years of bike commuting downtown by bypassing as much of it as possible on Alaskan Way and sometimes taking the elevator up to the Market. Now, obviously that's all shot to hell by the sea wall and Bertha projects. Whatvever happened to Critical Mass? We need to bring it back right into Murray's face.

Didn't vote for him the fist time and won't vote for him next time. HALA, his pet rock, only provides a tenth of the 40,000 low income units we need immediately, not after decades of "Filtering,"while promoting the construction of 10s of thousands of market rate units that would get built without HALA. There are more homeless folks in the streets now than when Murray issued his emergency declaration. That's three good reasons three good reasons to shitcan Murray in the next election.
@13- Do you actually have a problem avoiding trains? They're very big and move very slowly downtown.

I think your particular problems don't really effect most of the community.
Since nothing constructive is being said from the anti-bike crowd, might as well stoop to their level in order to blow off some steam........fuck you Mr. X, David in Shoreline, and anyone else who disagrees with a more progressive plan to add safe biking options to street planning.
Simple solution, just ban privately owned motorized vehicles in the downtown core, get rid of all the parking spaces, convert the garages to something useful, and there will be plenty of room to to walk, bike and take transit safely. This should have been done a long time ago. Use public transportation, walk or ride a bike if you need to travel in the most congested part of town.
What a constructive conversation. Great job sloggers.

I am a dedicated family biker who routinely hauls two kids around the city. I voted for move seattle with the hope that we will eventually see some bike infrastructure in the neighborhood. Not asking for a lot, but it would be nice to have a safer, dedicated route to downtown. This bait and switch (along with 30 years for a graham street light rail station) makes me very hesitant to vote for any other of out current mayors pet projects.
Besides a few trolls, and those who only commute through Seattle for nights and weekends, everybody supports bicycle lanes. We don't need to waste time responding to "MrX"

It is time that we force our city governments to follow through on their commitments when we approved this levy. I agree that there should be a massive direct action.

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